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The Water Canopy

Hi guys there are passages in the Bible that talk about a canopy, a covering of water that protected the planet from the sun's rays and formed a vapor mist. Everything at that time was of large dimensions: the trees, the fruits, the animals and the human beings were much taller and lived many many many years, the average life expectancy was between 700 and 1000 years, and I don't think this is a translation error in the Bible because the planet at that time had conditions that allowed man to live for so long (you can see examples of this in fossilized insects).

When this canopy, this cover was destroyed or disappeared, the universal flood happened, which all cultures speak of in their traditions. The waters above that formed the canopy poured into the oceans and created a flood. With the end of this canopy, the harmful rays of the sun began to penetrate the Earth and affected living beings; curiously, it was after the flood that human beings began to live fewer and fewer years, until this day when the average life expectancy is of 80+ years.

I believed that this could be a fantasy, a biblical metaphor (and no i'm not even religious), but I found texts that talk about something similar in African culture and in the shamanic teachings of Credo Mutwa, a well-known South African healer. In these African traditions, they speak of a water vapor mist that covered the entire planet and prevented the propagation of the sun's rays throughout the planet, of the arrival of the moon (which would not be natural to our solar system), of a race called the Chitauri that would have contributed to the disappearance of this vapor mist and to our premature aging, and of course speaks of the universal flood.

Coincidence? What are the odds?



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