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JFL Texts between this 20s teacher and her 14 yold statutory rape "victim"

imageimageB-but hes only 14, hes supposed to be traumatizedimage

I tell you. Some people get all the luck (genes).

This kid is living the dream and he snitched (I think). When you have a good thing going, especially a once in a lifetime 0.1 out a billion chances of a scenario such as banging your hot young teacher, you don't fuck it up.

Her husband was a huge beta cuck which is why she cheated on him (wasn't man enough for her) with a TEENAGER. She lusted and cheated with a kid! It can't get anymore humiliating than that. He even stuck with her during the trial and she still filed for divorce. She never had feelings for him to begin with, as his nice guy personality failed. I'm surprised he hasnt committed suicide yet.

Statutory rape is non existent. Teenagers are naturally horny, it makes sense boys will flock to where they can get sex and affection easily.

I want this bitch to go to jail because a man in her place would. However, most teens would be glad to bang a hot teacher and this kid seems to be no exception.

You'd have to be a complete and utter low-t cuck to believe this is 'rape'.



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