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spoilerHow Many People Are Upset
About Bolsanaro Losing?
About a Brazilian

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@0331Online 3:36AM here.

I can't sleep.

Schwab, Soros and gang are framing us all.

Just watch your six.

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@Keth_Zal @0331Online I understand you

( @Keth_Zal )
@pauloem @0331Online it seems and smells like Trump's last days.

They build hope saying they know what's happening and have a plan, and, when the robbery happens, they leave us alone.

With media and the Supreme Court tagging us as criminals, antidemocratic, coup promoters, J6 style.

All huge manifestations for Bolso were PACIFIC AND ORDERLY. Millions all around the country and nothing burned, no one killed.

Something is very rotten in our world.

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@0331Online He lost the same way Trump did. The world is in a bad place. Sure there’ll be a “red wave” 😳

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@0331Online if we let them rig our elections, They will keep doing it

( @Medudes )
Because he didn't lose it was stold just like the biden regime did here that way wake the fuck up

( @MeowBitches )
@Medudes lol @ the irony you telling others to wake the fuck up , how about you wake the fuck up clueless fuck that you are.. nothing was stolen, or rigged.. things played out the way the people in power behind the scenes planned.. your votes never meant shit.. they are all puppets.. Bush, Obama , Trump , Biden, selected by the people in power behind the scenes never elected by dumb fucks like you.. its been that way for decades.. decades.. get a fuckin clue..

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@0331Online I find it interesting we watch in silence when other countries take a stand when their freedoms are taken, yet we as americans sit on our assess and do nothing when cowards take ours.

( @Socio )
@blgilchrist @0331Online The problem in the US is the Left has done a good job of conditioning the people that you are a domestic terrorist if you stand against them and the Right has done a good job of conditioning the people to keep turning the other cheek.



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