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RE: A TRA argument I never really understood

( Lipsy )
Makes about as much sense as their other absolutely brilliant argument, i.e., "Making laws/rules against men entering Women's spaces won't stop anything, because men who want to rape/assault Women will just go in there anws"—which, by logical extension, becomes an argument against criminalizing anything. (Burglars will just break into your house anws, so what's the point in making breaking and entering a crime? Criminalizing murder won't stop people from killing each other, so why bother making murder a crime?)

( RusticTroglodyte )
They block you as soon as you dare to mention the fact that when ZERO men are allowed in the bathroom, when we see one, we instantly know there's a problem.

As it stands now, how do we tell who's a good guy and who isn't? We can talk about changing shit like this the second men stop committing 90% of violent crime and 99% of sexual crime. Call me as soon as that happens, TRAs. Fucking morons lol

( shewolfoffrance )
A very stupid argument because all but the dumbest of sexual predators have a sophisticated enough understanding of safeguarding rules and norms to worm their way into fuzzy, gray boundary areas where they have plausible deniability, if they're ever actually held to account for inappropriate behavior.

( shewolfoffrance )
Men who get mad about safeguarding guidelines are always suspect to me. There's no way they don't secretly want to commit some kind of abuse, or are at least sympathetic to men who do. Think about it: how would people react to a Scout Master who got mad that he could share a tent with the boys? Glinner is right, and TiMs are the new priestly caste.

( m0RT_1 )
This is it. "What about GNC women" is just being loaded onto the catapult as part of an ongoing siege on women's boundaries.

They 1000% don't give a shit about GNC women or lesbians. The ultimate goal is males' unfettered colonization of women's spaces. They hate women who say NO and want to destroy anywhere a woman can be free.

( shewolfoffrance )
One thing I've learned from following this issue is that a certain proportion of men, which is more of them than most people want to admit, don't have a moral framework more sophisticated than "does it make my dick happy? does it make the concept of dick happy?"

And that doesn't differ greatly between left-leaning and right-leaning men.



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