Nikerym #homophobia

I'm sick of the over representation of gay relationships in the Media.

I'm not a homophone [sic], i really don't care what other people do. however i recently watched the new Netflix series Sense8, 2 episodes in and we've already seen 4 sex scenes. 3 of them between gay couples.

Every TV show that comes out these days seems like it has to have the token gay couple. i wouldn't have a problem with it now and then, if it was proportional to the population. (so 1/10ish couples/scenes? i think they estimate the world LGBTI to be approximatly 10%)

Just to be clear though, I'm annoyed at how over represented it is compared to the global population. Not that it's occurring. This is my unpopular Opinion. (though lets be honest, 80% of the world probably agrees with me and is to scared to speak out due to the wrath of the remaining 20% (10% gays and 10% SJW's))



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