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[RageFuel] I find it disgusting that if I ever got a girlfriend, she would have permission from soyciety to talk to countless men on her phone without me knowing
Let's think about this. If you ever get a girlfriend, she is obviously gonna have a snapchat, instagram, tik tok, whatsapp, etc. The amount of activity she gets on those in one day is more than any of us have gotten in our lives. All those men are offering her sex directly orindirectly, and she is flirting back and engging with them, getting emotional pleasure out of this. If you date her, its her right to talk to all these men, and it's none of your business mister :soy:

This is an absolute disgrace, this is what many people would call "emotional cheating", but guess what that leads to, PHYSICAL CHEATING. There is absolutely no reason she should get to talk to other men at all. The only men she should be allowed to talk to are her family members. When she talks to other men, all this leads to is her seeing me as some cuck. Sure, I might be seen as a "control freak" if i took her phone away, but i'd rather be a control freak, and pass on my genes, than have my girl cheat with some nigger bbc and have my son look like Scooby doo.

That is why women's rights need to be repealed. Letting women slut around with zero repercussions (in fact with encouraging them as well) will mean downfall of a civilization.



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