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[From "Origins of the white race:"]

The white race is the youngest and newest of the races, originating about ten thousand years ago

Blacks are in fact a very diverse set of races, some of them considerably superior to other black races[…]
A very small black tribe or large family with the outward urge characteristic of modern whites left subsaharan Africa, and headed out into Europe[…]Small and diminishing populations of older races remained here and there throughout the world

They were, however, still black. Probably a better quality of black[…]Pretty much everyone still around was black or brown

About twelve thousand years, the climate started getting nicer, and northern Africa[…]became wet. Agriculture started in Northern Africa[…]To establish security of property over larger groups, more capable of defending that land, priesthoods developed[…]In Europe, brown skinned largely blue eyed people, with a various hair colors hunted and gathered

The middle eastern agriculturists rolled into Europe[…]
In Eastern Europe, the farmers ran into nomadic herders that were too technologically advanced to exterminate and replace. So, to make peace, they traded hostages and women, an event recorded in the Norse legends[…]
The mingled race evolved into whites, among them the Aryan race. The Aryan race, organized patriarchally and aristocratically, equipped with copper weapons and horse drawn chariots, expanded westwards into Europe, killing the men and marrying the women, replacing and mingling with middle eastern grain farmers, and South East into India, where they failed to do such a thorough job of upgrading the locals[…]
In Europe and the Middle East, and to a lesser extent India, Bronze Age civilization went decadent, failing to reproduce[…]Property rights in land and cattle was only practical under patriarchal organization, but with Kings, emancipation becomes all too possible



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