FranticTyping #sexist

What is the problem with being a virgin?

The non-pc answer: Everything. It shows you are a social failure in modern society, the lowest of the low. Being able to gather and maintain fruitful human relationships is the most important skill any normal person can have. It is key to mental health, professional success, fulfilling friendships, and personal confidence. Convincing a member of the opposite sex to have sex with you isn't that difficult(especially in 2020), and if you can't do that much, it says an enormous amount about you as a person. You are either a social failure, or oblivious to the realities of the world... planning to pursue relationships when you have money and success under your belt(but still a loser).

Hint: Those are the guys that blow their brains out before 40.

Lemme go smash every day then, that'll make me a better person right?

Nope, just being capable of smashing is enough. The sex itself isn't the important part.

Wait so let me get this straight, in order to not be considered a failure you need to show you can smash and that's it? No sex? Just proving the ability you can do it?

It is crazy how alien a concept this is to some people. No, it isn't about proving anything, not even to yourself. A virgin has almost universally proven they cannot pass the meager hurdle of getting laid - they are social failures. It is just like how a fat person has almost universally proven they cannot pass the meager hurdle of maintaining their health - they are physical failures.



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