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RE: When do servitors start working?

”So I created my first servitor last night using Damon Brands Magickal Servitors method. Its a servitor that is supposed to wake me up in all of my dreams to become lucid. However, it did not to that when I went to sleep. Im new to this and im not sure if its supposed to work instantly or it need time before it starts waking me up?”

Most chaos magick attacks larpers who sont know what they're talking about I reccomend you give your servitor a vessel and sleep next to it. If your servitor has actually been created and wasnt some halfassed. All you need is intent like most of the chaos magick I see in this sub the proximity to your vessel will allow you to see results as soon as you sleep. All jokes aside failure is the nature of magick try again until you see affects

In Damon Brand's method, servitors are housed inside one's own body. You pick a defined body part for it to inhabit, such as a particular bone.

I've used Damon Brand's methods too. In most cases, they've worked immediately, sometimes even while still in the gestation phase.

I also made a lucid dream servitor, and have had the least success of any of my servitors. The area of my body I house it in started getting sore after birthing it too. My best guess is that it's operating directly with my unconscious and my unconscious does NOT welcome it. Maybe it feels intruded on. When I ask the servitor for other types of dreams I have a lot more success.



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