NoLoveDeepWeb #sexist #transphobia

(Submitter’s note: This is about a YouTuber who has been exposed as a serial sexual harasser. A deadname has been removed.)

I cannot fathom what Emile must be going through right now as some of his closest friends are turning their backs on him over virtually fucking nothing. No proof from any of the rogue's gallery coming forward to speak up against him and the laughably shit proof from the troon, and yet they're treating him like he went out on a raping spree or something. Fuck Masae, fuck AntDude, fuck Jon and Lucah for being backstabbing cunts, and most of all fuck [Emily]. More than anything, I really hope Emile isn't letting all of this bullshit get to him. These kinds of overblown accusations are what lead to autists like him an heroing.



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