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Trannies feel the need to place their politics everywhere because that's their one and only personality trait. Being Trans is political. It's why they always say "Trans Rights, Trans Rights" to each other without defining what those rights actually are. When they post the flag, it's to signal to other members of the "In group" that they're an ally/friend.

Is it any wonder why people have a Pavlovian instinct to reject them when they see these colors/flag? This is a dog whistle, essentially. People sympathetic to this cause put it in as an empty virtue signal but it's really Aposematism to anyone not sympathetic. "This creation has been subverted by ideologically aligned people and buying it or playing it is at least acknowledging trans ideology, which is what they really want, so stay away." Is what it's saying when the "out group" looks at these colors.

The sad thing is trannies will never understand that if they don't force their ideology they might be accepted. The way they're doing it now is like using a crowbar in dentistry.
And all of this isn't talking about legitimate reasons to dislike trannies, namely being the pedastry that's practiced in the community.

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i never realized just how miniscule breadtube really was and how astroturfed the push for it from youtube to replace right wing content was. i checked their sub counts and i think donught operator alone probably has all of them combined counting vaush xanderhal even bigger ones like contra and hbomber maybe pushing it including philosophy tube. seems like any right wing leaning channel that wasnt banned for being too political too often is just leagues more popular. they dont understand the "rw pipeline" was just peoples natural preferences and the only artificial pipeline is breadtube and hasan where corpos try to lead their audience to tainted water and make them drink.

and even then hasans only popular for the same reason kpop stars are, and even then iirc hes starting to be eclipsed by people like kai cenat who openly hate trannies and tranny faggots.

edit forgot to say what prompted me to glance at views and subs was hearing alot about xanderhal only to see him with apparently under 100k subs.

edit edit apparently not homophobic just told some faggot to not mock christianity and some people got uppity because he almost said the faggot word, because someone can mock your sacred holy beliefs that inform your entire life and unites you and a community of worshippers but forbid you almost disrespect cocks going into bumholes. silly me i forgot that in current year words (like homophobia) dont actually mean things.

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(Submitter’s note: This is about a YouTuber who has been exposed as a serial sexual harasser. A deadname has been removed.)

I cannot fathom what Emile must be going through right now as some of his closest friends are turning their backs on him over virtually fucking nothing. No proof from any of the rogue's gallery coming forward to speak up against him and the laughably shit proof from the troon, and yet they're treating him like he went out on a raping spree or something. Fuck Masae, fuck AntDude, fuck Jon and Lucah for being backstabbing cunts, and most of all fuck [Emily]. More than anything, I really hope Emile isn't letting all of this bullshit get to him. These kinds of overblown accusations are what lead to autists like him an heroing.

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RE: Official Kiwifarms Man-Hate Thread

This thread is a DMZ (De-Moidified Zone) and is strictly for women. Men and trannies (men) shitting up the thread will be removed from the entire Lolcow Salon for a month.

I tried to get ChatGPT to write a poem about men being annoying and having stinky butts and instead it gave me a long ass poem about not being bitter and setting our differences aside.


So men have apparently programmed this AI so it can't make fun of them. I guess we gotta do all the work ourselves.


More like pick-me-GPT

There's nothing gendered about comic books. It's like saying men are invading women's spaces if they show an interest in skincare, or fashion, etc (women welcome men into these interests).

When men say that women have invaded "Men's spaces" they unironically mean Schools, Universities, Jobs and really anything outside of the home. For this crime we are now punished by trannies. That's what they actually think.

Made the mistake of glancing at A&N to see them gleefully cackling at lesbians unable to prohibit troons from their groups, commiserating on how feminists cause this and we get what we deserve.
We are just a bimbo collective in their minds. Tiresome, emotionally stunted retards think punishing half the population via their more broken subspecies is deserved. How are we meant to like them? They realise this worldview punishes their mother's, daughters, sisters and girlfriends and they still think like this. It almost makes me think birthing a son would be an exercise in self loathing.

Yup, men are individuals and we are all a hivemind. So if a liberal woman supports troons on twitter that means all women support troons. They don't even know that there are different types of feminism other than liberal sex-positive feminism. They don't care to learn about it either because men's minds are very simple so they need to be able to fit women into very small narrow boxes.