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I agree that both transtrenders exist and that as of this day in 2023, they are the widespread reason people dislike trans people. Im a bisexual cis male with a trans male partner, im perfectly accepting and tolerant of trans people, but it really makes me wish i wasnt because at this rate its a fad and a social contagion. I feel bad for people who deal with gender disphoria, who get compared with teens handling very normal feelings during adolescence and watching a few tik toks and suddenly thinking their half cow.

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Fuck you right back i think that you are mean for not accepting opinions 😌 you might be an adult but its clear that you are not aware of :religious themes, opinions, democratic opinions and no don't come at me with you can't accept people and stuff if i can't hate or just don't like LGBTQ+ then You can't hate on people that are not accepting it and here are you making a whole dam song about it

You all are so nice for standing up for LGBTQ+ but that what you are doing is not fighting for LGBTQ+ community your trying to prove everyone else that only you guys are right and only you guys can talk about your opinions that's just mean and no I'm not homophobic i ain't scared of that gay asses of you I'm

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Walking away from new friend with potential BPD

Hey guys, this is just as the title says. I met a new friend and we were having some amazing conversation. Eventually, we ended up talking about psychiatry. I said to her that I understand how diagnoses are really tricky, but I still do not want anyone with BPD near me (based on horrible experiences I have had with BPD relationships.) she told me she has a potential BPD diagnosis, and she is talking with her doctor about it. Here’s what I said in response:

“Ah, gotcha. Have had some really negative experiences with people with bpd. It was really lovely talking to you and I truly do wish you all the best, [NAME].”

Was I being a dick to end the new friendship after finding that out? I feel very self-protective when it comes to people with bpd and can’t risk derailing my life for someone who falls into the criteria.

Would love to know what you guys think. Thanks in advance!

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This artist was appreciated by a beautiful girl named Paige Hayden. She was snuffed out "mysteriously" at the hands of a race traitor poser scumbag who thinks he's a "neo nazi", the canadian govt is an anti-white backstabbing war on drug enforcing monetary prison of pollution and ((progress and diversity)) where canadian women can be killed and forgotten, left unavenged, and have their death passed off as "fentanyl OD" even though autopsy reports say otherwise. Paige sent me this song shortly before dying at the hands of a fentanyl selling scumbag race traitor who likes to murder white women. I love her and miss her, and ill do what I can to bring light to this situation. canadas govt would rather enforce drug laws and removes peoples right to free speech than arrest active murderers and fentanyl dealers (thx commie china for the fentanyl and thanks antifascist capitalists for the war on drugs that makes it flourish, good stuff guys). This woman wouldve been safer in nazi Germany where they did not enforce a war on drugs and adults could self medicate without arrest unlike antifascist progressive diverse countries that destroye Germany, white people and the Earth in pursuit of money, power and consumption and creation of garbage

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The Internet lumberjack is a massive pos. I dunno why so many comments act like he’s some fckin saint. All that horrible racist/bigoted ish Chris says about “the blacks/Jews/homosexuals/etc” came straight from that awful old fossil. He was just a hateful old pos that failed Chris every step of the way. Hope he’s rotting in H3ll.

he won't be rotting in hell because he was a decent god-fearing american who just was unlucky to fall in love with a mentally unwell woman
jews, homosexuals and you, however, will indeed go to hell, so repent while you still can

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ADHD, autism, and depression, are NOT REAL.

You don't have adhd. You're just obnoxious. (I'm sorry but i honestly don't know what else you want me to say. If you can give me a better way to say this, I'd happily edit this.)

You don't have autism, you've just been bullied and your self-esteem has suffered because of that. So now you feel awkward in certain situations. You don't know where to put your hands, because you're worried that somebody is looking at you. It's essentially just an after effect of bullying.

Depression is not a mental illness. It's sadness. It's a human fucking emotion. Something bad happened to you. Now you're feeling sad about it. That's normal.

Sometimes White Lies can make us feel better. I'm honestly happy for you if you're feeling better because of a diagnosis like this. But that doesn't give you the right to live a lie. Doesn't give you a right to Gaslight everyone around you.

Find a healthy way to feel better about yourself. You don't have a right to tell people lies just because it makes you feel better about yourself. Stop being obnoxious. Except that something bad happened to you and you have to work through that. Don't listen to bullies. You're not divergent or wrong just because you're good at something that they're not good at. Or because they can't apply themselves.

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(Side note: being held to the standard you expect everyone else to abide by for you is not the same as forcing another sacrifice on someone you’re already expecting emotional labour from. A younger sister already has to use a new name and new pronouns, being told she also has to lose something because an older sibling demanded that of her is base cruelty. Your inability to see that is concerning.)

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(emphasis is the submitter’s)

Since the assassination of my father in 1968, candidates for president are provided Secret Service protection. But not me.

Typical turnaround time for pro forma protection requests from presidential candidates is 14-days. After 88-days of no response and after several follow-ups by our campaign, the Biden Administration just denied our request. Secretary Mayorkas: "I have determined that Secret Service protection for Robert F Kennedy Jr is not warranted at this time."
Our campaign's request included a 67-page report from the world's leading protection firm, detailing unique and well established security and safety risks aside from commonplace death threats.

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(submitter’s note: this is one section of a much longer post)


For a group of people who claim to be oppressed, you have a very bizarre definition of it. You have the support of politicians, various segments of law enforcement, political lobby groups, and more corporations than I can name. Blacks during the height of Jim Crow didn't have the advantages you have, so take your comparisons to them and shove them.

What is happening to the transgender lobby is that the majority (which, by your own admission, you claim to be the minority) have become well aware of what your side wants and how your demands that society contorts itself for your desires have encroached on their lives. It is no great sacrifice to give gays, lesbians, and bisexuals equal rights because what they ask does not require I disregard my own to generally accommodate them. By contrast, transgender demand I lie to their face so they can live their truth, regardless of my personal conscience.

You want to police language so no one can hurt your feelings. You want to suborn law enforcement to let you do as you please without consequence. You want political bodies to give you the right to do what you want at will. You want to wish away the unarguable fact humanity is sexually dimorphic mammals because, by your own admission, your heads don't match your bodies, and thus there is a mental disconnect between the two.

And if you had your way, the difference between male and female would disappear into the morning mist whenever you feel like it, everyone would have to accept whatever chimeric identity you adopt every other day as valid no matter how irrational and unreasonable it may be to accommodate you, and you want your enemies harassed, shamed, and destroyed for having the temerity to complain.

And to my horror, in defiance of logic, reason, and various laws guaranteeing equality before the law, you've been unbelievably successful, and to the extent your opposition believes you are getting away with far too much, I'm forced to agree with them.

That is not oppression, that is you being told NO, and firm limits being placed so that your rights do not encroach on that of others.

Which, under a just society, is as it should be.

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[…] y’all will call any radical feminist a terf for not “including” males in our feminism. For recognizing that female people are oppressed on the basis of our biology. Not bc of “our identity as women.” Which includes trans men. So that is hardly “trans exclusionary.”

I’ve been called a terf for even saying that I (who identifies as a lesbian) am not attracted to male people. No radical feminist un-ironically identifies as a “terf.” Y’all put that label on us.

99% of radical feminists don’t hate trans people. We believe that they deserve the rights all humans deserve. We even agree that they are generally an oppressed demographic. We disagree with the idea of gender in general. We think gender ideology is harmful. Especially to the homosexual community. In the same way you can disagree with someone & not hate them & want them to die.

The only radfems that I have seen claim that they hate trans people, are ones that say it because trans people are constantly calling them bigots for their sexuality, for simply believing that biological sex exists, etc. not because of the fact that they are trans. In fact most of us were once rapid gender ideology supporters ourselves.

There is literally nothing that aligns with Nazi beliefs in our beliefs. So calling us Nazis is ridiculous.

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More uninformed assumptions. Do any of you ever learn or get tired of being wrong??? That generation did not huddle in a safe space, curled in the fetal position every time someone hurt their feelings. They had their flaws but nothing like the amoral, narcissistic, soft…and undisciplined generations that came after them and that are now drowning in their self pity and victimhood and celebrating their ignorance in so many ways. And then blaming their shortcomings on everyone else, thus making them unable to break from their cycle. Basically…what your post just demonstrated! 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t try to tell me what I think…there’s no hope you could comprehend my thoughts. 😉 Go have a soy latte and whine over how you are perfect…victims. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Hello friend,

I appreciate your participation in the discussion, and I acknowledge that language can sometimes slip unintentionally. But I kindly remind you to be mindful of using the Lord's name in vain. Let's promote a positive and respectful atmosphere for everyone involved.

Instead of "God D***", find alternative phrases such as "Goodness gracious" or "Golly gee".

I'm here to educate, not hate. I want to assure you that my intention is to spread positivity and not to cause offense. I hold deep respect for all faiths, even when our beliefs differ, and I am open to engaging in respectful discussions that foster mutual understanding. Let us embark on this journey together, embracing kindness and love as our guiding principles.

Colossians 3:12 (NIV): "Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience."

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Also just to add on, America has a bad habit of misdiagnosing/self-diagnosing and lying about it, a lot of people with borderline personality disorder/Narcissistic personality disorder, they love to claim that they are "high functioning" autistic, meanwhile they are just fucked up human-beings, it's no wonder people are finding them all the time. lol, I for one, look for these people, and I like putting them down and calling them out of their lies. Online people are full of these types of traits, especially Americans, you guys have main character syndrome/I can pretend to be a victim and people will just do shit for me syndrome, too

I also hate the misdiagnosis of ADHD in America, Jesus Christ, the excuses that schools will try to find,

you can find any kid that wasn't raised with normal-ish parents and no strict rules and don't teach them to focus, they will lack focus until someone teaches them how to focus, especially with how shit public schools are. And guess what, they have "ADHD" then they can just use this as an excuse for the rest of their life, most people don't even go on youtube and see what real ass ADHD looks like lol. Anyway. Good luck being an American.

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disagreeing with a treatment philosophy or realizing that someone is a company liability is NOT being a racist nor wishing/ wanting harms to come to anyone (ie- what ‘homophobia’ used to mean)

There is far more medical research that shows ‘affirming care’ does NOT reduce suicidal concerns, addiction issues, self harm, or mental health issues related to the dysphoria.

In psychology, affirming a patients delusion has NEVER been standard care, and in the research done (odd research even had to be done), affirming a patients delusion has overwhelmingly ended up being worse for the patient.

We wouldn’t tell a bulimic or anorexic that they are fat; we wouldn’t tell a person w/ BIID that their arm/ leg/ vision isn’t really theirs and then cut that body part off, or make someone a paraplegic because they believe they are in the wrong body and should’ve been born as a paraplegic.

Stating these truths is not being bigoted, it is actually coming from a genuine place of compassion.

And the popular declaration “Authentic self” means nothing. It sounds nice, but has no valid meaning. Humans constantly grow, struggle, change in opinions & views, interests change, food preferences change, fashion & hairstyles, as well.

So one would have to know who they will be, enjoy, like, believe far into the future to be able to come close to reaching such a statement.

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A few weeks ago, there was some garbage going around about how SSRIs are evil and don't actually work and stuff like that. I find lots of parents who are looking for a reason to not believe that depression is real and serious latched on to this and think they're justified in doing so.

SSRIs literally saved my life. The affect everyone differently. People don't seem to understand that.

lol some garbage? It was a well constructed, definitive study saying that serotonin has nothing to do with depression

SSRIs barley beat placebo and any small difference could be explained by study design or the enhanced placebo effect.


Summary: Overall, people who used antidepressants to manage depression long-term did not have a better quality of physical or mental health than those with depression who did not use prescription medication to manage their symptoms


SSRIs do not really work, the placebo works. Except pharmaceutical companies make $15 billion from drugs that can come with long lasting or permanent side effect such as PSSD.

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I saw the second plane hit live on tv. It ressembled nothing like a commercial airliner. It was an unmarked grey plane. They were military drones. I also saw the pentagon hit video before it was scrubbed off internet. It was an sol-air missile. The lady from the hostage audio recording is telling you word for word at the end of her forced segment..."its a trap". Thats means gov kidnapped the real airliners and forced people to make those audio recordings. The issue is you cannot call and connect a cell phone from a speeding airliner. They grounded those airliners on military bases, forced the "calls/recording" then disposed of those witnesses. They needed an element to secure the event as "real" using real people as pawns. The operation was argubly a success. Rogue operative Saddam Hussein Irak was invaded.

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Oh my, it is Stephen that's fucking hoarding legitimate copies of Earthbound, and goes for EVERY good fucking deal/price for a copy. You, need to see a fucking shrink BIG TIME. I can understand the game meaning so much to you, that say, you own ONE CIB copy, ONE loose cart, ONE CIB SFC version, ONE loose SFC version, and any merchandise and memorabilia related to the game. "Collecting" and hoarding as many copies of the NA version, is nothing more than being a selfish, greedy piece of shit ruining finding these for anyone else. You're also contributing to there being fake ones on ebay and anywhere else. I had no idea it was you who was doing this, but I remember seeing these videos a few years back after I finally got ONE loose cartridge of the game finally. I guess I never noticed the name of this channel, and through the last 5 years or so I didn't want to look up the videos again and find out it was you, because of your ties to TheRunawayGuys. Wow..... get some fucking help. I can't believe your wife or girlfriend or what ever she is to you, goes along with this.

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(Submitter’s Note: OP is mocking somebody because the person whose video they left a comment on was raped as a toddler)

What's with the hair over one eye? Are you some weirdo who thinks he's an actual anime character?

Also what's with the manipulative crying bits? Just edit that crap out if you don't wanna be cringe. You may as well have filmed yourself with a puppy to inspire sympathy.

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I would just like to add that some people don’t believe transgender is a thing and are uncomfortable referring to someone as a different gender, whether it’s because of religious beliefs or because of DNA, etc. Labeling those people as “transphobic” is hurtful and perpetuates double standards.

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I don't care if there is consent or not. I simply don't understand why two people WOULD even have sex in the first place. Even if it isn't rape, it's still dirty and perverted as fuck. I mean, you're invading someone's genitals with your own genitals. You're basically helping someone masturbate. How is that even remotely "beautiful" or "romantic"? Going to the toilet is a private thing you do alone. So should having sex be. Sexual pleasure is an awkward thing, not meant to be shared. I am literally against sex, unless meant for the purpose of reproducing, which is necessary, but that's it. We humans should be able to understand, that true love comes without sexual attraction, and that truly being in love means that you've stepped up and away from everything that is considered sexual. Explained in a simple way: Love is an anti-sexual feeling, and thank god for that. Sex is NOT beautiful. No matter if it's consensual, rape, porn, or whatever... Intimacy is great, kissing is great, physical contact is great, but keep those genitals in your pants, if you want to show someone that you love them. That's how I see it.

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(lyrics to “Misguided Marcy” by Crimson Thorn)

[John 8:58-59, John 10:30-32; Corinthians 1:18]

A picture's worth a thousand words
A word is worth a thousand hurts
Offensive teaching causes abject misery
The only cure is compassionate sorcery

Ears like a hairpin trigger
Indignation getting bigger
Can't control animosity
At another's perceived pomposity

Moving on is now allowed
Perpetrators are disavowed
They fail to tolerate all acts
Feeling they speak enlightened facts

Point of View of Christian:

But much offense is misguided
Too many things make them see red
To stand for nothing is to die
Allowing you to believe a lie

A new generation of Sodomites
Demand respect and certain rights
Offended and making a fuss
At hearing the bold words of Jesus

The Word was given to proclaim
Speaking it should not bring shame
Tolerance may seem right at first
But tolerating sin is worse

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I mean being a trans is a punchline to be honest. You’re mentally ill. There is no Fucking other genders. You’re male, you’re female. That’s it. Biologically your male “becoming a female.” But now they want to be a glorified thing. Idgaf what you are or who’s dick you suck. Quit force feeding it down people’s throats and watch how fast it goes away. Vast majority of people don’t fucking care.

im-tired_smh #psycho #sexist reddit.com

"sO pArEnTs dOnT gEt tO pArTiCiPaTe iN sOciEtY?" yes. correct. you have no identity as an individual anymore, you are literally only the caretaker of a shitty, noisy, subhuman grub. that is all you are and all anyone will ever see until your pet sperm finds independence in ~20 years, and maybe not even then. seethe, cope, and stay the fuck home until your crawling cumshot can travel without shrieking bloody fucking murder the whole time.

alternatively: be prepared to get some nasty looks and hold your tongue about it, because expecting grace when you've fully intentionally made everyone around you miserable is clown behavior.

Ivory-Patriarch #fundie #wingnut reddit.com

rights are important, but over rated. abortion isn't just murder. it's shirking responsibility. i reject modern notions of individualism. instead, i believe that all humans owe a debt to our ancestors, and our descendants. abortion is not just wrongdoing to the individual unborn child. but also to all your ancestors, and any descendants that child could have had if he or she lived.

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ANYONE that uses "pronouns" should be cancelled. This is the EXACT PROBLEM. look if your a man and you dress up like a woman and put on makeup you are NOT A WOMAN. And you CANNOT FORCE ME to be a part of your mental illness. Period. NO amount of hormones or makeup will EVER change your DNA only 2 sets of chromosomes XX AND XY THAT 100% FACT AND you can't FORCE me to go against FACTS AMD TRUTH.

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Wait you're against blowing up government buildings?
Didn't you just do a video protesting the racist homophobic government, calling for them to be destroyed?
Yes. You did. You did exactly what you're condemning some random no-name science fiction author of theorizing 40 years ago.
Didn't you do this right outside of the same government buildings you're saying some neo-nazi is wrong for condemning?
Yes. You did.
You sound like a neo-nazi. Or a Marxist. But the Nazis were at war with Marxists.
Do you know what you stand for?
Netflix and porn?
Or maybe you haven't read a book so you don't know what to believe in.
Either way, keep drinking soy milk, keep wearing fake hipster glasses, and keep asking your parents for rent money every month.

bigboyeTim #quack #crackpot reddit.com

Anyone else feeling an increase in strength after taking Ivermectin?

I regularly spar and wrestle (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu multiple times a week) but lately I've felt an enormous increase in strength. Things that were heavy aren't really that bad anymore. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Fuck it you know what Imma just say the most out-of-loop comment regarding LGBT and other shit, here comes nothing

If you want a minority to stop existing, then go ahead and shove LGBT down their throats, go ahead and do so. LGBT is literally implicit soft eugenics, there's a reason why people of color for a long time were against gay marrriage

Japan for this reason alone had to state the marriage is between a man and a woman

I mean it makes sense, I am for all lgbt people existing, but if we normalize then our CURRENT CIVILIZATION would cease to exist dipshits

But hey if the left wants religious, racial and ethnic minorities to stop existing, by all means normalize the shit out of lgbt culture and abortions

Makes sense, their memo never really changed, they just gotten more politically-cautious about it

Knix137 #sexist #kinkshaming youtube.com

The people saying this is fake are indeed morons, but the people blindly defending amouranth are even worse. Anyone that wants to downplay how she chooses to earn money in the context of how she got into the current situation is deluding themselves. By allowing amouranth to do what she does on the twitch platform we have created a place where women can be exploited, full fucking stop. What's worse is that this exploitation goes both ways, far too frequently her biggest donors are people with unhealthy relationships with the internet and their peers and what she sells amounts to a drug for lonely hurting people. This makes her a piece of shit in several ways. She profits on human suffering, perpetuates it by leading people along, and has the audacity to broadcast opinions like she finds her audience contemptable. Respect is something that is earned and she's done nothing to earn respect from anyone. Perhaps the most important thing to grasp here is that what she does is nothing more than a modern iteration of the worlds oldest profession, Amouranth is a prostitute, and we really really shouldn't be surprised in the least that a prostitute, especially a high earning one, has attracted a pimp, her husband. Twitch has allowed their platform to turn into a techno brothel. We need to pull our collective heads out of our ass and recognize that the problem is the environment and the policies, the fact that the environment and policies lead to the creation of this situation is the indication that something is wrong. So instead of directing all your anger and frustration at the consequences of the situation that is prostitution on twitch direct you anger at the platform that allowed this to happen.

Stop allowing people to glamorize being a whore. If you think being a whore is empowering and improving women's lives you are the problem. Stop defending whores and start attacking the people making money off their existence.

Mobb #sexist #psycho youtube.com

(Submitter’s note: This is about Amouranth, a Twitch streamer.)

Charlie you bafoon, You really think this woman didn't set this man up to look like the villain. Some of you beta clowns have it easy bc you didn't have to go through this with a woman and in your case Charlie, you rich. Women know what they are doing and they don't just leave you NOOOO, they have to ruin you on the way out. I'm assuming she's making money now and doesn't want to be with him anymore but divorce isn't an option since I'm assuming there were no prenup. Sooo her smart brain told her, or someone did to set him up as an abuser and violent to make it easier to divorce without losing too much money in the process 2:12 after that I saw in her face how happy she was she got him. Oh Charlie be happy you don't experience this, being a rich beta male makes you judge other men through your life of privileged. And I say rich beta bc you didnt have to reinvent yourself to even get with women, life is tough out here brother.

Generic Username #conspiracy #transphobia youtube.com

Encouraging people to pursue fundamentally impossible outcomes is nothing more than enabling them to live lives of bitterness, resentment, and self-loathing.

There are aspects of life that cannot be changed, and one of them is the body you are born with. Puberty, and the development of your body is NOT a reversible process, and neither is any tampering by outside chemicals and injections.

Furthermore, the origins of modern academia's perspective on what they term "gender", as well as the concept of "gender" in the first place, were founded on the works of a man named Dr. John Money. Specifically, an experiment Dr. Money performed on a pair of twin boys, one of whom had a botched circumcision. The twin whose genitalia had been irrevocably damaged was then placed on hormonal treatment and raised as a girl. In addition to being dosed with estrogen, the boy was also forced to perform mock sexual acts with his twin brother in front of Dr. Money, the doctor even recorded these himself.

This led to lifelong mental issues with the "transitioned" child, David Reimer, as he struggled with suicidal thoughts over the abuse he suffered and his physical state brought about through the treatment and initial botched circumcision. Ultimately culminating in his suicide, with his brother also committing suicide some time later.

The experiment was considered a success.

The hypothesis being that someone's identity as a male or female was entirely predicated on how they were raised, with no biological impetus whatsoever.

And with two ruined lives culminating in suicide, this was ruled a success.

Gender ideology has been, and will continue to be, harmful psychotic rhetoric put forward by pedophilic academics who care not for the health of the people struggling with self-loathing and mental illness, but instead only wish to profit off of and proliferate this doctrine of self mutilation.

ecotecLife #ableist #transphobia #dunning-kruger kiwifarms.net

At the root of transgenderism is cluster B personality disorders. One of the symptoms of cluster B's... these people attach themselves to random fads or political causes they see in the media to an extreme extent, because they don't have a normal "identity" - IE, long-term hobbies, goals, and interests.

The tranny fad is just the latest thing to be literal crack for BPD's, like the scene/emo trend and third wave feminism before it.

These people also can't regulate their emotions or participate in nuanced discussions because that's literally how BPD works. This is why they can't hold jobs, can't into relationships, or do anything beyond sex work.

BPD tranny sees someone misgendering ChrisChan on Twitter, immediately they take it as a personal attack because it's all they have (like telling an autistic kid you think trains are boring), and their emotions shoot to 100.

Read this over and over again as much as you need to.

Infernal #homophobia #transphobia #enbyphobia kiwifarms.net

The thing is, Chris [McGee] seems to be just trying to avoid controversy and exist in the lgbt community and move on with his sad pathetic life, because most people have either forgotten or stopped caring about him long ago, even the twitter troons and fags who prided themselves in putting Chris on blast before, I guess because there are bigger accounts to cancel, there was never much return in terms of clout for going after a nobody like Chris, and performative "community safety" activism only exists to gain clout and prove they're the "acceptable" fags when in reality they're just as degenerate as Chris, they just are better about not getting outed like Chris's dumb ass. Despite efforts to inform people about his name change by some of the original callout people, the rebrand worked.

I think what may have helped Chris fly under the radar is he's so far kept his nose clean since the last major incident. (I certainly haven't seen anything about a new grooming attempt on a minor and not just regular old simping for fictional characters that even the lgbt weirdos who called him out are even guilty of themselves.) He hasn't talked about Harry at all, or even about the harassment he supposedly receives from people like us or "antis" other than extremely vague stuff that doesn't bring up the accusations. He just whines about being bad at competitive games, He's trying in vain to get enough average viewers to make affiliate on Twitch, and is now simping hard for this bad undertale-clone he's been playing. (I hate Undertale with a passion for the damage it's done to the gaming medium by onboarding a bunch of cringe lgbt bullshit into games, but this Omori game somehow manages to be worse from what little i've seen of it, It's WAY more pretentious than most of Toby Fox's shit, and I guess it clicked with Chris because it's total shota bait,)

He's just like any other twitter transtrander now. It's kinda silly how easy cancel culture let him off the hook so easily.

🌿Witchy Kay🌿 #fundie #sexist #wingnut #dunning-kruger #pratt web.archive.org

You can still get an ectopic pregnancy removed. You can still get care for miscarriage. No you're not going to be investigated for miscarrying. No, you cannot be prosecuted for your abortion.

If any of these things change, I'll be hitting those street right alongside you.

I'm so tired of this political discourse BS of you're either all in something or you're a grifter. I don't support killing humans. Just dont do it. Not a vibe. Stop. So naturally I oppose abortion cuz it kills humans. It's really that simple. Not some internalized misogyny. Not me secretly being a conservative and just trying to play everyone. Not me tying to push a religious ideology on others. Just my foundation for my stance on issues. So yes, I can oppose abortion and also want to protect pregnant people from the assholes in our government that will use the opposition to abortion as a weapon to attack women, roll back actual rights, fight against things that bring down abortion rates and pass ignorant laws that will victimize pregnant people and get them killed.