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Why do "transbians" tend to keep their penises? The answer from top experts, men who pretend to be women, may shock you!

( OwnLyingEyes )
Maybe because same sex attracted men tend to try to adapt to attempt to be attractive to other men, while opposite-sex attracted men can always fall back on manipulating, coercing, and bullying women into being sexually available to them despite being unattractive/repulsive.

( VestalVirgin )
Because they want to rape lesbians, duh.

Not much point in invading womens' spaces if you cannot rape, is there?

(Plus, AGPs tend to trans older, so they know what castration means and that they won't have much sexual enjoyment afterwards. Only effeminate boys who are transed by their Munchhausen parents or young gay men who are very naive think they will have a fullfilling sex life after having their dick cut off. Which neatly explains which ones keep their penises.)

( Unicorn )
A "trans lesbian" is a man who claims to be a woman, who is attracted to women. Apparently they are known to keep their genitalia more often than "straight trans women," which are men who claim to be women, who are attracted to men.

Why would a man who has sex with women want to keep his male genitalia in-tact even while he pretends to be a woman..? Hmm... Big mysteries. 🤔

Never fear, Tumblr transbians are here to educate us with their facts and male logic.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
Well, it's like this....

When you remove the "natal genitals" how will this TIM continue to stroke off to the idea of being a woman?

( mathlover )
"Transbians" generally keep their penises because they are heterosexual men who want to be with women sexually. And het men get off on sticking their dicks into women.

"Straight transwomen" are gay men who want straight men to have sex with them as though they were actually women.

There. That was easy.



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