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Looks like Biden is gonna win the primary. If Super Tuesday belongs to him, it would take a miracle for Bernie to pull through. I’m sure Bloomberg is more mad than Bernie, because he threw so much money around and it didn’t do shit for him. This is the essence of the soul for capitalism you are witnessing, and you all can’t keep up.

I kind of sympathize with Bloomberg, he’s the ruthless cut throat boomer capitalist who is a perfect reflection of the American environment. He doesn’t care about rights, equality, efficiency, he’ll save face for the cameras but he knows America is a gangster country.

Biden does too but Biden puts on the fake smile. The fake smile that destroys any self love you might have as you grow up being told you don’t deserve anything. And I mean ANYTHING. Free speech? Self determination? Love? Family. You all take turns saying these things are not rights or changing goal posts of what a right even is, and it’s all in that shit grin smile.

Bernie is just a conman and knows you college kids will throw money in the well and make a wish for social democracy. Hell, maybe he does believe what he says. He knows European capitalism works, and wants that for America. I’m not a mind reader. But America isn’t Europe. It certainly isn’t better for it, but that’s the way it is. We all exploit third world labor, but Europe was smart enough to keep their own slavers happy rather than just make them slightly better housed slaves. America isn’t.

So I hope Biden wins. Not for anyone’s sake, but so you lose hope. Hope is a cancer on your mind. You tell yourself things that just aren’t true. Like you ever had a chance, that your voice matters, that people care about you, that you just need to work harder.

It’s self mutilation and it makes me sick. It makes me sick to see people work so damn hard for nothing. We live in an age of sexual dependency but noone is getting laid “because we’re not entitled”. Where the president can almost start world war 3 every day with a retarded tweet but we can’t shit post ajd just get banned “becaus we’re not entitled”, we could be shot in the back of our heads and someone would call us entitled expecting not to be murdered. That’s the reality. The reality is this world is a cauldron of hatred and savagery. Noone wins, noone is happy, suffering immeasurable. And every time you get up for school, work, self improvement, you lie to yourself that it’s for a cause. That things are going to get better.

Your hope is holding you back. Obama ironically coined that hope and change slogan, and now Biden reflects the cold hard truth that it’s hopeless.

Time to take your medicine baby.



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