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RE: False abuse claims are the new court weapon, retiring judge says

Want a divorce? want to make him suffer? just throw unsubstantiated claims of abuse to the family court judges.. they'll eat it up give you full custody of the kids and force him to pay child support to you on top of getting half his assets, money etc and likely also keeping the house..

Don't you just love this Patriarchal system we live under and how it's always there to take care of men? /Sarcasm


Judge : do you have any proof

Karen : ( crocodile tears )

Judge : there there your tears say more than any evidence ever could

If I were the president I'd make these courts illegal

What one would expect when there are no consequences.


The Social Workers are also very good at stirring the custard, more often than not they will be the one inventing abuse against the father to support the wife getting payments and full custody.

Its disgusting.

They’re overwhelmingly female and feminists!

Canadian divorce laws have recently changed to add language about the welfare of the children. There is expanded definition of family/spousal abuse, and custody of children is based on certain factors, but removes language that would try to give both parents access. This means you can have all access to your children removed based on your history of behaviour.

Women’s groups are applauding the changes, so it won’t be good for dads/husbands. It should start to see a floodgate of unprovable accusations that sway the court to award familial assets and child support without any access or recourse to change it. The new law will cancel dads.



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