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Then again, you would think that the rise of the Nazis and the Soviet Union never happened, with the zealous eagerness of the liberals and the left to repeat those grave mistakes of history, by repeating the slide into authoritarianism, as we are gleefully doing now.

I guess that an utter ignorance of history is nearly universal – including among “intellectuals”, journalists and activists of the liberals and the left. How very, very tragic, and sad. We can do better; and we must.

I will add one further note, which I have said before. The real left, the thinking left, has always been anti-authoritarian. Having any trace of confusion or ambivalence in that most critical regard, means you are radically out of touch with reality, utterly ignorant of history, anthropology, sociology and political-economy, and a danger and menace to society – no better than the far right, and perhaps even worse, because you are so damned smug in your presumed self-righteousness!

Learn your history, people, or be doomed to repeat it. And yes, we are repeating it now. This is Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union rolled into one big ugly ball of totalitarian dog vomit, which we are witnessing take over the world as we speak.
Fight the fascists! Not one another! And throw off any authoritarian tendencies you might have, as you would throw off shackles and chains, for that is precisely what they are – to us all.
The billionaires who meet annually at Davos, at the World Economic Forum, who the leading business journal of the Western hemisphere, the Financial Times calls “the de facto world government”, have decided that freedom, constitutional democracy, national sovereignty and human rights are quaint notions, to be rid of. And the liberals and the left are cheerleading for the “new normal” of global authoritarian rule. The have lost their minds.

And yes, it is Remembrance Day. “Lest we forget”? We forgot. Now, we are facing fascism, as a result, once again.



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