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And so, the great othering has begun, and a massive divide has opened across society. On one side, you have the true believers – whose leaders, even in the most generous estimation, are wildly incompetent poll panderers who habitually violate their own edicts. For now, they are also joined by the go-along-to-get-along crowd, marching in lockstep towards a truly dystopian world of Faucism. On the other side, you have what <ML> King would call the ‘maladjusted,’ people who cannot accept the ‘new normal.’ Citizens who appreciate the value and vulnerability of their rights, and how much suffering and sacrifice it took to establish them. People who have found the courage to walk through the illusory wall of fire, and emerge unafraid, with a clearer view of what causes the shadows we all see.
The new untouchable caste is being forced into a triple ghetto of it’s own. Where if one’s conscience doesn’t allow them to participate in a divisive passport system, they are socially ostracized, they can lose access to public accommodations and facilities, and many are having their careers and pensions erased, creating decentralized ghettos of poverty, misery, and genetic discrimination.
Today’s civil disobedient may have more in common with those in history, like the Jews who were persecuted for their beliefs rather than their skin color, but there is no denying the fraternal bond that connects them all in their struggle for dignity, equality, freedom and justice. If Gates pricks us, do we not bleed? <...> it is simply a long standing tactic of oligarchy to focus the anxieties of their subjects on a demonized ‘other’ so as to distract from their own crimes and have two potential threats to their power diminish each other.
And so, we see that the formula is at hand for the defeat of the Faucists, and when justice is served and the elites are cursing the name of King, they will know that no amount of bullets, or mandates can stop “an idea whose time has come.”

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What must be kept in mind for our present purposes is that cultural warfare during this intense post WW2 period was full spectrum in nature- taking every major branch of human life into account and extracting all traces of creative reason, universality, Freedom, and Truth anywhere it could be found.

Whether it was in the fine arts and music or whether it was in scientific practice, new dualisms were imposed severing logical thinking from the “pollution” of subjective emotions. Where the arts became shaped increasingly by hedonism liberated from reason (with a “high” post-modern art for the elites and a “low” populist art for the dumb masses), the sciences became governed by the dogmatic faith in cold mathematical sterility governed by “statistics”, entropy, and blind fatalism.

Random paint splashes of CIA-funded artists like Jackson Pollock or the fuzzy squares of Mark Rothko became the new artistic ideal while scientists found themselves trained to think like computers modelling their minds of the methods of Bertrand Russell’s Principia, Norbert Weiner’s Cybernetics and John von Neumann’s Information Theory. Bertrand Russell’s role coordinating the CIA’s Congress for Cultural Freedom should not be lost on anyone.

With the severing of creativity from reason, the minds of those processed by this new cultural field was increasingly shaped by blind rules and axioms enforced by expert consensus rather than personal acts of discovery. Computer modelling thus found itself replacing acts of genuine human thought and within this sterile intellectual climate, a new cult of artificial intelligence began to find fertile soil to grow its perverse roots.

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In recent times, the words “Remember Tiananmen Square” have been evoked by both the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) and commentators like Bill Birtles and Nick McKenzie, and Nine-Fairfax Media and commentators like Peta Credlin and Andrew Bolt. It has become akin to saying “Remember the Alamo”. It’s become a slogan serving to remind us that we are dealing with an “evil empire” here.

But what if the so called “Tiananmen Square Student Massacre” never happened, or at least it didn’t happen in the way the mainstream media continues to portray it? The story that Chinese troops machine-gunned hundreds of innocent student protesters on the night of 3rd or 4th June 1989 has been thoroughly debunked by many of those present in the Square on those nights. Among them was a Chilean diplomat, a Spanish TVE television crew, a correspondent for Reuters, and protesters themselves
To help the US intelligence, there were two important people: George Soros and Zhao Ziyang. Soros is legendary for organizing grassroots movements around the world. In 1986, he had donated $1 million – which was a lot of money in China in those days – to the Fund for the Reform and Opening of China. Over the next three years, Soros’ group had cultivated and trained many pro-democracy student leaders, who would spring into action in 1989.
This falsification of history, which appears deliberate since the facts have become well known, deludes a new generation and prejudices it against China. The distortion of the happenings within Tiananmen Square reduces the media’s credibility and leaves its open to charges of grossly misrepresenting significant current events for cheap political gain.

And as Always, Thank You, America.

It seems plausible that the student protests in China during the late 1980s may, at their origin, have been spontaneously generated, but there is no shortage of evidence – facts not in dispute – that the entire student movement was quickly hijacked by the US.

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In this week’s episode of the Great Game, V and Matt explore the history of color revolutions from the French Revolution, to the Bolshevik Revolution, to the rise of the age of Open Society and the National Endowment for Democracy that have lit the world on fire during the last 40 years.

We took some time to showcase the multipronged Soros-run operations in Kazakhstan from 1995-present which has created a major fifth column operating within this incredibly strategic nation and very much tied to exiled oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov who fled to London in 2009.

Additionally, we spent some time assessing the de-regulation of finance from the Big Bang to the destruction of Glass-Steagall as another branch of the war against humanity that dovetails the growth of the NATO Borg machine in the wake of the Soviet Union’s dissolution.

Finally, solutions were also addressed with a focus on the Eurasian Economic Partnership, combatting closed system technocracy, and launching an open system age of human-centered political economy.

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Then again, you would think that the rise of the Nazis and the Soviet Union never happened, with the zealous eagerness of the liberals and the left to repeat those grave mistakes of history, by repeating the slide into authoritarianism, as we are gleefully doing now.

I guess that an utter ignorance of history is nearly universal – including among “intellectuals”, journalists and activists of the liberals and the left. How very, very tragic, and sad. We can do better; and we must.

I will add one further note, which I have said before. The real left, the thinking left, has always been anti-authoritarian. Having any trace of confusion or ambivalence in that most critical regard, means you are radically out of touch with reality, utterly ignorant of history, anthropology, sociology and political-economy, and a danger and menace to society – no better than the far right, and perhaps even worse, because you are so damned smug in your presumed self-righteousness!

Learn your history, people, or be doomed to repeat it. And yes, we are repeating it now. This is Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union rolled into one big ugly ball of totalitarian dog vomit, which we are witnessing take over the world as we speak.
Fight the fascists! Not one another! And throw off any authoritarian tendencies you might have, as you would throw off shackles and chains, for that is precisely what they are – to us all.
The billionaires who meet annually at Davos, at the World Economic Forum, who the leading business journal of the Western hemisphere, the Financial Times calls “the de facto world government”, have decided that freedom, constitutional democracy, national sovereignty and human rights are quaint notions, to be rid of. And the liberals and the left are cheerleading for the “new normal” of global authoritarian rule. The have lost their minds.

And yes, it is Remembrance Day. “Lest we forget”? We forgot. Now, we are facing fascism, as a result, once again.