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[Soy] Guy on Quora breaks his wife’s nose once and gets 4 years in jail, everyone on quora says he should be given life, death penalty or even be raped

Its amazing the golden pedestal women are put on. I have never heard any of these dumbasses talking about the PTSD veterans have from seeing their friends burn to death or lose a limb. But they spend all day talking about “PTSD” from having a non permanent injury that heals quickly from a punch in the face. Ive been punched in the face, what am I supposed to do about it? Nothing, but a woman gets a paper cut and the whole world moans. If he punched a guy and broke his nose literally no one would give a shit. Even if the guy was as strong or weaker than the average female literally no one would care.

Exactly but if you merely slap a foid they act like you murdered an infant. quora has a lot of white knights. I remember some former bank robber on there condemned violence against women, including wife beaters

"See, while you get four years, or less probably in this crap justice system, she will be serving a lifetime sentence of flashbacks, anxiety, inability to trust another person, panic attacks, terror, betrayal, and the horrible knowledge that the person she let close to her used that to break her body and cause her terror. She will have a hard time sleeping, maybe for years. While you get your eight hours of rest in your little cell, she will be relocking the door every hour and checking her phone to make sure you haven't been released yet.

lol wtf. this retarded foid is making a lot of assumptions here. she actually thinks this woman will be locking her doors multiple times a night and living in constant fear over a fucking bloody nose? in HS some random kids jumped me at a bus stop and beat the shit out of me but I don't spend every waking hour living in fear because of it

High IQ. I once got kicked in the balls by accident in third grade if I had to rate it on a trauma scale of 1 to 10 I’d give it a 1. People like that are the most insane ragefuel



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