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[ToxicFemininity] Women's lives are so ridiculously easy that they shouldn't complain about rape

Seriously, the chances of any woman succeeding in life without doing anything are way higher than being raped any day. Even in third world countries where rape is supposed to be a thing, any foid can become a millionaire by selling pictures of her dirty ass without having to work a day in her life. Meanwhile, men have to work her ass off to barely afford to have a decent life. Men have to work in the most dangerous and low paid jobs you can imagine. Men die everyday in the battlefield to protect the interests of corrupt countries. Men have to deal with mental illnesses and loneliness without receiving treatment. Men are killed, robbed, kidnapped, raped everyday and in higher proportion than women. And women are crying that they're the ones who have it harder? Really? Just because one foid gets raped for being drunk and half naked at the club, everyone loses their shit? If women had at least one bit of remorse, they would realize they are actually very privileged for living in a society that values and protects them instead of complaining about "muh misogyny" every time a subhuman dares to look at them for more than 5 seconds.



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