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(about Covid vaccines)

Mark Douglas: You just have to look at every social program that is an abysmal failure. They never say "Well that didn't work so lets stop it and do something different". They keep funding (Increase Funding) to the failed program, and THEN do something different to where we have Multiple Bloated Programs for the same issues, NOT accomplishing much and costing taxpayers many times More.
Randy Townsend: It’s our own fault for not routinely throwing them out of office. Biden has never worked a real job in his life. 47 years he’s been a parasite. Stop voting for incumbents, regardless of party affiliation.
Mary Jones: Well its time they get accountable for being wrong! class actions should do the trick!
Baxter Baxter: If you or me did insider trading , we'd be in the pokey, how come politicians aren't getting arrested for this.?
Mary Baker Follow the Money!!! We need to see every State, Local, and Federal Politicians Bank Statements and Stock accounts and I GUARANTEE you most of them have Large Deposits from Big Pharma and Lots of Stock in Big Pharma and the Banks. Let me be in charge of the Audit I am a Mortgage Baker and I have been looking at Large deposits and questioning them for over 27 Years!!! I will get them all thrown in Jail for Bribery, Treason, and Insider Trading!!!
Robert Towson: All led by Biden.

Let’s Go Brandon!
Baxter Baxter: I think you should look into the "insider trading " that our elected officials are doing. Betcha they all bought big pharma stocks.......so they can't be wrong, cause profits. Greedy pigs.
David Morley: They’re FARGIN ICEHOLES Wayne Allyn Root



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