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I apologize for not doing research that conversion therapy does not work.

Because of that, I revise what the government should do to cure homosexuality which is to make it required by law for doctors to provide chemical castration drugs that will make homosexuals asexual.

It will be beneficial to their self esteem because they won’t feel depressed over falling in love with heterosexuals of the same gender who will obviously not return their love.

Tolpuddle Martyr tried to debunk my argument that the natural purpose of sex is procreation by saying that the natural purpose is descriptive not prescriptive. However all our natural traits have prescriptions. We have feet for walking, running, kicking, dancing, or driving cars, however our prescription is that we put on shoes when we go out of our house and not at a beach.

We assign prescriptive roles to natural purposes. For millennia, humans understood that the purpose of sex was procreation hence the institution of marriage.

Before the evil legalization of the mass murder of unborn babies, and before the invention of condoms, even prostitutes knew that having sex would produce children that they would be responsible for raising.

So that is the reason why God hates homosexual sex.



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