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Soon to be homelesscel. Need some tips and advices.

NEET here. Whelp, it finally happened. I fucked up good and my dad is throwing me out.

I told my sister I was suicidal and she started asking me lots of questions and freaking out and saying she was going to tell mom. And I started panicking. Then my mom got home and my sister told her I was suicidcal and so she and my sister came to my room and we were all screaming at each other.

I don't know what the fuck happened. I don't know why I said this. I fucking confessed to being incel. Full on. I told them everything. And then I told them the reason I'm suicidal is because I'm a virgin and if you really don't want me to kill myself then fuck me now.

Up to that point we were screaming at each other and getting nastier and meaner. But when I said that it was like a screeching record. Straight to silence. My mom and sis looking at me with a combination of utterly profound disgust as well as deep concern. It was the worst look ever.

They told my dad and my dad came into my room and told me he was done with my shit. He said I'm out. I can either get a job or sleep in a box. I think he thinks I'm lazy and that's why I don't work.

Unfortunately, I am avoidant. So... yeah. Tomorrow I leave with the clothing on my back and as much of my stuff as fits in my backpack.


Edit: I think I'm going to retardcel my way into a mental hospital. This is legit my only hope of survival.

Edit 2: This is it, boyos. My sister cried all night and she won't come out of her room and talk to me. My dad forced me out the door and he told me I wasn't welcome back until I start taking care of myself. LOL. Whelp, it was a good run. I'm going to stay at the library during the day. I haven't figured out where to sleep yet but something will come to me.

Let this be a lesson. Never, ever, no matter WHAT beg your mother and sister for sex. Despite what you might think, it probably will not go well.

Peace, brocels. It's been real.



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