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Am I too self-hating and racist or just brutally honest and real about racial dynamics?

A lot of deathniks (especially the greycels who are unaccustomed to the nature of the discussions of this forum) think that I'm a self-hating white worshiper. Others however think I'm thoroughly racepilled and brutally honest about the dire condition of deathniks.

Which one am I?

You're enlightened & blackpilled about the true nature of how the racial hierarchy works. Votes: 20 71.4%

You're a self hating slave-minded cuck who unnecessarily worships whites. Votes: 8 28.6%

Total voters 28

There's a difference between acknowledging that JBW exists and hating your race.

How can an ethnic not hate his pedigree when it consigns him to languish as a bottom feeder?


Blonde iberian? They exist, but iberians usually have the med phenotype, they look like a bit less hairy italians.

Brutal race mixing pill.

Both. They're not mutually exclusive.

Not really. First option is about knowing truth, second option is being prejudiced.



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