ares12 #dunning-kruger

And that's not to say that no one could make an interesting character, per say, with one or all of these features (Static Shock, Jinx from Arcane, Bojack Horseman, and Mrs. Brisby from the Secret of Nimh), but key difference being between them and "representation characters" is that the latter are not allowed to have flaws because their writers are so focused on making them perfect. People miss what makes a strong character is how they deal with their flaws, their fears, their turmoils, their troubles that get in the way. That's what makes them relatable. But woke characters don't have any flaws, at least, none that anyone would dare to acknowledge. You could argue they're overpowered or overconfident, or both, but what do they do to solve that? Keep acting like an entitled jackass and take no responsibility! The world they exist in is simply a power fantasy to indulge in; they are Mary Sues who don't have to struggle with obstacles or interpersonal conflict.



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