Some Incels #sexist

Re: She will never be faithful to you. In her mind only Chad exists.


Transcript(I've been having an affair with my employee and I'm the happiest I've been in a while.

I love my husband and I'm very happy with him- He is my rock and everything I need, We have a blended family and we're the envy of our friends. This affair in no way reflects badly on him or our marriage. I'm not a young woman at 38 (my husband is 45), After 3 daughters, my body is far from what it used to be. I hired a young, model-handsome boy to work for my company. I didn't expect for him to be anything more than eye candy or a fantasy until I noticed him checking me out and giving me compliments. Soon, these tiny flirtations turned to clandestine sex. Although I know that what I'm doing isn't right, I feel absolutely on top of the world. I'm constantly getting told that Mm glowing from family friends and even strangers. I can actually look in the mirror and feel SEXY again and desirable. My husband is in absolute awe of me now. he can tell that I feel amazing about myself and he adores it. The deep confidence that this affair has given me has led to me dressing sexier$ waxing and wearing more make-up. My husband thanks God that he was able to land such a hot mama. ;) He's so happy! I know that this will have to end soon but I'm on a high I don't want to come down from. I find )


Literally hired a hot young guy just to be "eye candy". Foids should never be leaders or make any kind of important decisions because this is how their thought process works. Whatever looks nice.



I mean guys will sometimes hire hot secretaries to bone and whatnot. Kinda dumb but whatever...the difference is:

A foid will actually promote the eye candy and have the incel scrub the toilets, whereas the dudes will promote the hard-working incel so he too can have a hot secretary. Also a dude will keep the secretary a secretary and not promote her to management and will fire her if she starts some bullshit sexual harassment claims.


Women are only truly happy when they are used as cock receptacles by Chad(s), and have her children provided for by a wealthy beta. This is the only scenario where they don't go full on batshit crazy. Believing any single man can keep a women happy is cope.


Women are only truly happy if they are loved by rich Chad (or are independently wealthy themselves so Chad can be poor in that case). Anything else including the dual mating strategy is cope.


... and no one needs sex, it isn’t that important. It only makes you glowing, feel amazing about yourself, makes others adore you, and feeling sexy and desireable.



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