The Distributist #racist

Let's explore. If you are of indigenous European origin and you say "I am White" then under this explanation you are admitting to membership in a malicious conspiracy to commit hard to other groups. You are therefore painting yourself as a villain with a target on your back. If you say there is someway to stop being "White" why haven't you done it yet? Or have you? I look at wokesters and I don't see saints but petty and self-interested cowards.

What is this new baptism of non-whiteness and how does it have such little evidence in your soul?

Suppose for instance you say "I don't consider myself White". Do you then walk around saying this at woke gatherings? I come from a blue city and I know this doesn't fly. Try this and you will be accused of being EVEN MORE MALICIOUS by denying your privilege. So we end up with a catch-22. You claim Whiteness or deny it and either way you are maliciously attacking non-whites. Sounds pretty shitty right?

Now remember this is the dilemma that progressives are commending for ALL OF OUR CHILDREN. Such moral heroes.



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