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[Racepill] White male Asian female - The Elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about.

I'm not just talking about people on this thread, I'm talking about society in general.

It's honestly one of the most disgusting interracial relationships ever, and I'm not even an Asian male so no bias of that sort here.

You've seen it before, some loser white dude who is 5'10"+, walking on campus with a tiny Asian foid that comes up to his chest. Or maybe you see it walking downtown, or doing groceries. Everyone seemingly knows why they're together, but nobody is brave enough to talk about it.

Some things I've learned about these relationships, anecdotally:

-The Asian woman is usually self-hating. Almost without a fail, every Asian woman entering into a relationship with a white male is doing so because she is ashamed of her race and identity, and thinks that dating a white guy is a way to move upwards in society or will help her feel less Asian. She is in a sense fetishizing the perceived status of white people and projecting that onto her white partner.

-The Asian woman does all the work in getting the white boyfriend. I've asked several white guys I know who supposedly have jungle fever or has an Asian girlfriend why they are dating her. Usually it's because they had to put in less effort with her compared to other girls. Asian girls will do the flirting, the asking out, they will set up the dates and make everything seem effortless for the guy so that he makes her his girlfriend. With girls of his own race, he has to put in the effort. Why do more work for the same outcome?

-The white guy would not have gotten a girlfriend otherwise. Again this is anecdotal, but I personally don't know any white guy who can attract girls of his own race who goes after Asian women. This is why white women don't really care about white guys who date Asians, these guys are not in their dating pool to begin with.

-It's a relationship based on fetishization. For the Asian woman, she is fetishizing him because he gives her a way out of her Asian identity. For the white man, he is fetishizing her (typically) neoteny and smaller frame, which he links to femininity. Honestly though I believe yellow fever is a myth. It's not that white guys fetishize Asian women, they just like how easy it is to get them, so they justify that through a fetish.

-The woman pulls the strings in the relationship. They don't typically go after strong-minded white guys, they target the weak-minded ones who are easy to manipulate. Asian women are really good at appearing subservient while controlling everything in the background. I've met this one WMAF couple in University, and she plans everything they do, from studying, to Halloween events, to restaurants they go to, literally everything. She likes to parade him around with her everywhere to signify her status, that she bagged a white guy.

All in all, WMAF relationships are incredibly creepy. They are based on a known power imbalance between ethnic groups, and the material interest gained from the Asian woman. Everyone knows that it's a dysfunctional relationship, but nobody wants to say anything.

This is completely different from Asian Male, White female relationships in contrast. In an AMWF relationship, usually the female has nothing to gain, not the Asian male, so any relationship between the two is based on other lookism factors instead of the tacit manipulation of both partners.

”tbh I don't even know why is this a thing, it's probably not as much as people make it look here. Most asian people are racist asf they don't even hang with non-asian people, let alone date”

You're wrong. Here in the USA, nearly every noodle girl is with a white boyfriend. It might be different where you live, but I assure you WMAF is real.
Asian foids are racist, but they're racist against Asian men, not whites.

Honestly this. Asian foids in the West are either dating high-tier asian guys (5'10+, goodlooking) or any white guy.

Well its the same for other ethnics too, latina and sand foids will also do this

True, though I don't see it happen nearly as often with other ethnics as I see it happen with Asians.



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