Anti-intellectuals on r/Conservative #wingnut #elitist #conspiracy

u/optionhome: [332 points] Orwell’s timeless admonition, “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them,” has been given new life by the desperate efforts of pundits, scholars and Twitter blue-checks to defend the violence, looting, disorder and general monstrousness that have overtaken America’s cities.

anonocs [32 points]: American DEMOCRAT cities.
What you're seeing now is the sole products of Looney Liberal Loser cult ideology rammed down your children's minds by socialist academia.
At this level, everything begins in the classroom.

optionhome [25 points]
exactly. imagine living in one of those cesspools and voting for the very people that endorse the destruction of you own community.

subchop710 [16 points]
It's that they use their intellect and education to validate their emotional response.



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