Concerning Ben Shapiro getting death threats #fundie #wingnut

The alt-left is known for targeting and harassing Conservatives, and they have a fixation with Christian Conservatives. In the process of stalking and harassing Conservatives, the alt-left is not above targeting and harassing the disabled, elderly, women and yes, even children. There have been many reports from conservatives, Christian business owners, ministers, etc. who report they have received death threats, death wishes and rape fantasies from obsessed, psychotic, alt-left stalkers. The alt-left has no integrity, no morality and lacks the ability to empathize or sympathize. They are sociopaths who are demented, cruel and have a single-vision of hatred of any and everything that does not affirm their sin and issues. Tolerance is not enough for the alt-left, they want dominance, not tolerance.

They are also eternal cry-bullies known for playing victim when the target of their obsession, i.e., their intended victim courageously defends him or herself against them and overpowers them. They are all bravado until outmatched...they then turn into whining, slobbering crybullies...ripe for mocking and laughter at their expense.

Please pray for Ben Shapiro and his family. The alt-left is know for issuing death threats, death wishes and rape fantasies.



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