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RE: In the US, Indian IT Workers from Dalit Caste Still Face Discrimination

(Silence Dogood)
So, these people blame America for the actions of their racial brethren. They're catching on to how the grievance industry works quite quickly!

Send them all home, revoke their citizenship, we don't need 'caste' protection laws. The 3rd world is a curse upon our nation.

(Frank Jones)
And we're supposed to care about Indians because? Send them all home. I don't care how many spelling bees they win. They have to go back.

When I was a computer programmer some years back, my field began to be flooded with cheap Indian programmers. Our politicians did nothing to stop this invasion of corporate cheap labor, and protect out livelihood and way of life. They could have been Brahmins or Dalits, makes no difference. They were all invading trash to me.

Indians combine the aggressiveness and hyper-ethnic consciousness of Jews with the unjustifiably high self esteem of blacks. Mix it all together with non-existent hygiene and condescension toward Whites and you have today's numerican. High caste or low caste, they are all brown. They've all taken the education and jobs belonging to White Americans. I don't give a f&*K if the Brahmins are mean to the Dalits; none of them belong in historically White nations.



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