metabuxx #sexist

[RageFuel] Happy International Women's Day folks..

* Today we respect toilets (even though they have done nothing to deserve this respect) who scream patriarchy and misogyny whenever they are asked to fulfill their duties because they are so used to their privileges that they want their paychecks just for existing.
* Today we celebrate whores who under the veil of experimenting, finding their sexuality and living life on their terms, ride the cock carousel and fuck every Chad and dog that comes in their way
* Today we celebrate cunts who take kill innocent babies with impunity, take birth controls, tie their tubes up, so that they can ride the cock carousel without any repercussions.
* Today we celebrates ""queens"" who thrive on the validation of their beta orbiters, extort money from them by selling feet pics and nudes and then have the audacity to call themselves empowered.
* Today we celebrate #MeToo, a foolproof strategy employed by holes to extort money from their imaginary abusers who supposedly abused them 30 years ago.
* Today we celebrate single mothers who divorce raped their beta husbands, separated their kids from their fathers and turned their sons into thieves and murderers and left.
* Today we remind ourselves that when holes choose Chads and dogs to fuck, its their preference but when we demand a hole to not be a landwhale we are misogynists who should be hanged till death.
* Today we recognize the fact that when holes demand free money, privileges, sex and surgeries its their birthright and they deserve it, but when we ask for it we are told "You are not entitled to sex, inkwell."
* Today we celebrate holes who cheat on their betabux husbands, force them to raise Chad's babies and if they refuse to do so, accuse them of domestic violence and take everything that once belonged to those innocent men.
* Today we celebrate mediocrity as having a vagina means celebration but having a penis means that we are yet another disposable member of the society who is only good for wageslaving and whose tax dollars are spend on holes so that they can live a better life.



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