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( @Rex_Landy )
If their claims of 'just wanting equality' were true, they wouldn't 'Reeeee!' every time there was a tranny joke. Women get called cunt/whore/bitch etc in male comedian's 'jokes' all the time. One 'for instance'. Comedians mock everyone. It's literally their job.
But trannies want abject obeisance to their cult and their dicks. And to that I say 'go shit in a ditch, tranny!' You will NEVER be a woman.

Netflix is not anti-trans – it’s pro-freedom of speech

The Twitter outrage over Ricky Gervais's 'transphobic' new show is all too predictable – and entirely misplaced

#FreeSpeech #ProFreeSpeech #FreedomOfSpeech #Netflix #Twitter #RickyGervais #TransMob #TransGang #TwitterStorm #TwitterOutrage #Trans #Transgender


( @JoanDArc2000 )
Nothing is anti "trans." There is no such thing as "trans."

( @Rex_Landy )
That's right. It's Big Pharma's marketing arm to the credulous, mentally ill, young and woke.



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