GuineaIncel #sexist

In High School I Told My Hot Middle Aged Cougar Teacher In Her 40s That I'm Attracted To Her And She Rejected Me And Reported Me To The Principal Even Though She Has Sex With Other Male Students

In the 1990s I sexually came on to one of my of my female teachers in high school because there were rampant rumors that she is a slut who fucks some of her male students. It was an open secret throughout the school. But when I approached her she rejected me, reported me to the principal who than proceeded to suspend me for 1 week. When I came back from my 1 week suspension I was removed from her classroom and transferred to another teacher because she felt extremely uncomfortable near my presence. That was one of many black pills that I have experienced in my life.

Did you have proof that she was with other students?

She would sometimes offer teen Chads a ride home. I doubt she did it just to be a good samaritan. Also she has been known to talk with Chads after class is over and everybody left she would close the door.



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