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[Serious] Has anyone else naturally developed into a sociopath over the years?

Forget darktriadmaxxing, its a giant cope and literally impossible to turn yourself darktriad if you are forcing it. This is because human empathy is built in and learned at an early age to where it cements itself into your subconscious permanently. The only way to chip away at this naturally is to be broken down by life experiences, depression, isolation, social ostracization, all contributing to your empathy disappearing organically. Also, most incels at this point have come to the consensus that darktriadmaxxing has 0 advantage for us because social manipulation works best for people that are already at a position to gain even more (Chad, rich people, etc). My empathy is probably half of what it was just five years ago even. People say that you learn to be more empathetic the older you get because you lose loved ones and go through life and can put yourself in other shoes but for me it has been the polar opposite. Each day that goes on the less I care about anyone, realize that the value of human life is pretty much 0, that life is a net sum of 0 if not less, and that the only thing that matters at the end of the day is your own well being and gain whether it be material, sexual, or anything else.



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