Mark Bradshaw #fundie

(Excerpts of a conversation in progress - some content removed because context can’t be provided)

“We're not living in the time of slaves.” ---- Yet people DID and that was LAW at that time – yet you contend that laws determine morality. Is/was owning another human being moral?
“You are trying to corner me into saying that our morality comes from the Bible. Well, it doesn't.” ----- How can you claim where my morals originate? My morals are based in God’s morals – as enumerated in the Bible. You have NO AUTHORITY to tell me, or anyone else, where my morals come from.
(On the age of consent): “We have to draw the line somewhere because until a child's brain is fully developed, it cannot and should not be held responsible.” ----- So, your “line” isn’t really about consent, but is about ability. Why do you believe a child cannot consent to something? Why do you believe that there is some magical point at which consent given is acceptable?
“It's morally wrong for about a million reasons, not least of which we don't need a bunch of teen and pre-teen parents running around who aren't mature or capable of caring for babies.” ----- So, yet again, you are imposing YOUR morals on society.
“Allowing perverts to abuse young children IS a far worse thing than allowing two consenting homosexual adults to physically enjoy themselves, and if you can't see that or need a holy book to tell you why it's wrong is downright shameful.” ----- You still have yet to articulate how a child is harmed in this scenario. You just keep asserting “harm” without ever articulating how harm occurs. And, it isn’t about “enjoyment” – it is about what is/isn’t moral. I am sure people engaging in immoral behavior are enjoying themselves – why would they voluntarily engage in behavior if they didn’t find it enjoyable?
(On rape/murder being immoral): “can't see for yourself that it's one person enforcing their will over another which goes right against the Golden Rule.” ----- Upon WHAT BASIS can you claim that the Golden Rule is moral? So far, you have failed to answer this simple question.
“Now tell me why you need a Bible to tell you that's wrong.” ----- Because without an authoritative source, all you have is YOUR OWN beliefs of what is right and wrong. If that is all you believe is necessary to form morals, then how can you force YOUR morals on anyone else by asserting that the Golden Rule is moral?
“We don't NEED people like you to "rebuke" what you call "sins".” ----- Again, it is NOT about what I call sin, but IS about what God calls sin. Sorry you are so confused.
“We need you to mind your own business because we have the right to have chosen to believe differently than you do and don't require the morals you have chosen to follow.” ----- So, a person who believes it is moral to rape or murder is acceptable? Are the morals of individuals who believe it is acceptable to rape and murder acceptable in your world, since that is the morals THEY CHOSE?



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