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[Serious] How much do you hate humanity?

I hate humanity so, so much that i'm a self loathing human. I hate myself for being human more than anything else, it's like self hating ethnics but more general and potent.

If i could, i would probably become the biggest hero in the history of humanity. You can't believe the amount of hatred i harbor for humanity for being evil incarnation.

I hate all forms of life, but especially humans, because they don't try to consciously destroy life despite their intelligence.

Don't forget that inceldom is present also in other animal species. Humans like to think that evil started with humanity, but the truth is that life itself is evil.

Humans created me, so i hate them with a burning fire that blazes more intensely than a thousand suns

Humans are subhuman. The meaning of life is create more life, our brains and life are hardwired through years of biological adaption to self-propogate, so much so that its worth more our own lives. Our genes are a virus that perpetuates misery. Death is the natural state of existence as described by the ultimate villain in this rpg I played. But I believe with enough friends and respect from people and complete seperatism from women and normies one can attain a state of (VERY) fragile enlightenment and continue breathing as a incel on automode. But its a cope



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