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Greetings Lotus Star Born Galactics of the New Edenic Paradigm
Happy New Earth Eve as we step over the threshold into the New Golden Age of Infinite Light and Eternal Life.

As our Luna moves into the sign of Taurus today we have massive waves of Divine Goddess Feminine Venusian energies flowing into this realm from the most high.

The Taurean energetics are assisting all Earth Angelic Ground Crew of the 144 to anchor in and ground the fifth dimensional energies into the Diamond Grid of the Dragon lines of Pachamama.

We are really feeling the energies pumping in from the Great Central Sun for our upgrades and activations of our 12 Strand Crystalline DNA.

The Buddha turned the Wheel of Dharma to free humanity from the Wheel of Samsara and Now we have returned to assist all Sentient Beings in the transition from the illusory world to a world of Peace and Freedom in the Light. We are shifting from the mentality and experience of surviving to that of thriving. We do this by living in harmony with nature, our environment and our Tribes/ Communities of the New Earth.

In the Quantum Field all our Dreams have already come true it is up to us to bridge the seen with the unseen, to merge the physical with the non-physical with our Pure Intent and Divine Will and living from our Hearts being connected to all things, in all realms, timelines and dimensions. In the Gnosis of the Akash of the Earth and the Cosmos we are tapping into and turning on our Higher Purpose that has been hidden within the Soul Star Spark in the Center of our Sacred Heart Chamber.

All is being revealed and exposed for full healing and compression breakthrough as Super Nova Christos Sophia Conscious Light beings of the New Lemuria….A’Ho!



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