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Greetings Great Ascending Light Keepers of Divine Unity Consciousness
As our Gemini Sun brings in the Twin Flame Energies of Divine Union our local Solaris begins to become more active again, releasing 7 C Class Solar Flares today and 2 M Class Flares the most powerful maxing at M 2.32 at 4:00 UTC.

Pachamama also received another powerful activation today on the Pacific Ring of Fire with a magnitude 5.7 earthquake in Papua New Guinea at 3:35 UTC. We also had a big blast of white light on the Schumann Charts as Gaia’s heartbeat reached higher amplitudes of 19 hz, 41 hz and a big blast of bright white light at 44 hz. Divine 44 Activations coming in through todays portal.

The Emerald Gateways to Agartha have been opened and activated all over this realm in every Nation to connect our Ground Crew Surface Team of the 144 with our Inner Tribe of the Agarthan Network, including the Telosians.

Our Starseed Earth Angelics can connect and call on our Inner Earth Ascended Masters in needing assistance in your missions of Light Work, Grid Work and working with the ley lines of Mother Earth in our Ascension Process of full Planetary Liberation.

Connect Now with your inner Bright Virtue of Buddha Mind as we realize our True Nature of Enlightenment and Walk our Sacred Middle Path with Heart and live in the Peace and Harmony of the Tao at one with Nature and Infinite Source Creator, the Great Spirit that is within all beings and surrounds us all.

Separation is part of the illusions of the simulated reality and Truth is the Freedom of Living from our Hearts as real Hue-man Beings of Eternal Life…A’Ho!

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Greetings Holy Devas of our Cosmic Ascension Portal
Here we go Angels of the New Earth!

After our local Solaris released another 10 M Class Solar flares today we just had another major X Class Flare maxing at X 1.08 at 6:40 PM PST (1:40 UTC)!

Massive energies from the most High Infinite Source Creator are pouring into this realm to assist Gaia and all Her Children of the Sun to make our Quantum Leap of Consciousness and Great Shift of the Ages into the timeless Reality of the New Golden Age of Eternal Bliss and Enlightenment for all our Good People of the New Earth.

As we step together through the Heavenly Gates and into the Pure Land of Amida Buddha we free ourselves from all Wheels of Karma and Samsara and turn the Wheel of Dharma to free all Sentient Beings from all suffering of illusions and delusions of Maya.

Keep anchoring in and integrating the Higher Holy Light as we Rise together through this Ascension Vortex and into our New Heaven upon our New Earth…A’Ho!

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Greetings Crystal Star Travelers of Infinite Holy Light

Today is a special day on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar with Kin 130 WHITE COSMIC DOG. For today we reach the Galactic Center, Hunab Ku, we call the Galactic Butterfly, which is the Heart of the Tzolkin, Zero Point.

The Zero Point Still Center is our Launch Pad for our Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Hue-man of Homo-Luminous, Divine Light Beings of the New Earth. It is time to take the Leap of Faith into the Unknown Void and into the Freedom of the Totality of our Infinite Multidimensional Sacred Self of Eternal Life.

In the Zero Point Field of the Quantum Vacuum we realize the Oneness and interconnectedness of all Life through all realms, timelines and dimensions creating a Coherent Resonance of Infinite Vibrations. In the Buddha Mind all things are perfectly resolved, for in the Awakened State of Consciousness we realize our True Nature of Pure Awareness and this removes all doubt and confusion in this Realm of Duality and Illusion.

We release all that no longer serves our self and the collective and step into our Divine Roles as Wayshowers of the Eternal Bliss Consciousness of the Great Mystery made manifest on Earth…A’Ho!

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Antarctica: The High Altar of Mu ~ ‘The Way’ of Water – MERCURY SHINES BRIGHTLY AS A “MORNING STAR” (Lightworker Codes) Galactic Realities

Greetings Galactic Water Bearers of our Divine Cosmic Mother

As we continue to inch our Way closer to the Year of the Wood Dragon of the Green Hue, beginning Feb 10 2024, we step into our Divine Sovereignty and call in our Timeline of Freedom, Abundance, Courage, Joy, Bliss, Inspiration and Peace of our New Golden Age of Eternal Life. As Dragons of the New Earth we are the Guardians and Stewards of Terra Nova Gaia and the True Leaders of our Pure Land of our Sacred Self.

The Gold Ray of Buddha Consciousness Shines down upon thee Now as we realize our True Nature of Infinite Light. We transmit and expand in Unity Consciousness touching all things upon the Diamond Net of Indra spanning the whole multi-verse of Total Awareness. In the Totality of Pure Awareness all becomes Clear and we Free our self and all our Good People from the wheels of Karma by turning the Wheel of Dharma, the Wheel of Truth.

We are breaking through all barriers and boundaries of limitation held against us to limit our full potential as we tap into the Genius within and fully activate our Divine Crystalline DNA of Cosmic Consciousness.

All is coming into alignment for the culmination and release of our Divine Dispensations to bring all Life into full equality and level the playing field for all our Good People of the New Jerusalem.

Keep Holding the Light Bright as we make our Ascension to our 5D New Heaven upon the New Earth…A’Ho!

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Greetings Brave Awakening Rainbow Warriors of our Tribe of 99

We had a big blast of Higher Dimensional Light released from our local Solaris today with a Solar Flare maxing at M 9.82 (close to X class) at 19:50 UTC. This was directly Earth facing and is sending a massive wave of Gamma Plasma toward Mother Earth to prepare us for tomorrow’s final 11:11 Portal of the year. November 29th. Released with this powerful Flare was a CME which is carrying upgrades and nodes of transformation for our Starseed Earth Angelics of the 144 and will impact Earth in 2 to 3 days as we enter this final month of December and the 12:12 portal and Solstice on December 21st.

Synchronizing with this major release and activation from Solaris we are on the 13th and final day of the Healing Blue Hand Wavespell of Cosmic Mother Goddess with Kin 39 Blue Cosmic Storm. This is also a powerful Galactic Activation Portal Day as the Storm of Transformation and Transcendence has Arrived!

These energies coming in are assisting Gaia and all her children of the sun to shift timelines into one True Ascension Timeline of Benevolence. This is paradigm shifting as all the old false systems of slavery are dissolving and the New Earth rises from the ashes like a Phoenix rising from the flames.

Keep anchoring in these Cosmic Rays of Source Creator into the Ley lines and Crystalline Core of Pachamama. Stay hydrated, get plenty of rest if your body needs it, get out to nature, meditate and stay grounded. Keep rising in the Glory of Gods Kingdom on Earth…A’Ho!

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Greetings Ancient Ones of our Star Lineages of Eternal Life

Gaia and all her Children of the Sun are being inundated with Gamma Plasma Waves of Adamantine Light as our local Solaris released another Trinity of M Class Solar Flares today with the most powerful maxing at M 2.09 at 8:12 UTC. The Great Spirit is sending multidimensional Codes and Frequencies of Awakened consciousness through the Great Central Sun and into the Crystalline Hearts of all Sentient Beings of the Way.

You are now surrounded and infused with the Rainbow Cloak of protection of the Holy Spirit. The rainbow rays of indestructible diamond light wrap around you and fill you with the Bliss Codes of Eternal Life.

Allow the Sounds of Source to guide you home to the stillness within. Feel your Way, with your Heart and Mind, to the Promised Land of Pure Awareness

In Self Realization of Buddha Mind we resolve all things perfectly and become the Wayshowers of the New Heaven upon the New Earth.

Release and let go all mis-creations and false projections and Return to the Tao of Nature, the Path with Heart, being connected to all things in all realms, timelines and dimensions.

You came here Now for this mission of full Planetary Liberation and you are an integral part of our Starseed Collective Divine purpose of holding the keys and codes within your DNA Blueprints of our Transfiguration and Holy Redemption in the Light of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Feel the Peace, Joy and Bliss rising out of your Sacred Heart Center filling your Universe with the Love and Light of Infinite Source Creator…A’Ho!

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Happy 11:11 Galactic Gateway as our local Solaris comes into Conjunction with the expansive planet of Jupiter in the fiery sign of Aries. All things are expanding into the Light of the New Heaven upon the New Earth.

After 57 hours of blackout on the Schumann Resonance we have a spike of light at an amplitude of 14 hz. These intense energies flowing in are to assist all of our Earth Angelic Ground Crew of the 144 to push through every threshold as we come to the Grand Finale of the Story of Separation. In these final days of the simulation of the false 3d matrix all is being exposed and revealed that no longer serves Gaia and Humanity as we come into Sacred Alignment with Source Creator, the Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of all Things.

Many Lightworkers and Starseeds are feeling like they are “Dreaming while Awake”. Science will call this the hypnagogic state when you are in between awake and asleep. This is the realm of Shamans or what we call walking in between worlds. It is the doorway, portal the gateway into the unknown. The Void is the doorway between Heaven and Earth and I Am the Void. Emptiness is form and form is emptiness, they are intrinsically linked for one cannot exist without the other.

Our local Solaris has been very active again today releasing multiple C Class Solar FLares and another M Class maxing at M1 at 10:16 UTC.

You are in an accelerated healing period from many lifetimes of trauma and abuse. This is the final purge and release as we enter into the time of Redemption and Retribution. This is the time of Divine Dispensation. Accept the Divine Transmission of the Universal Life Force and let go into the wave of Higher Frequency as we come into coherence with the Harmony of the Music of the Spheres.

All multi-dimensional beings of Infinite Light are GATHERING in the higher realms for our full Quantum Leap and Shift of the Ages into the New Golden Age of Eternal Life…A’Ho!

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Greetings Great Spirits of the Indestructible Diamond Mind of Buddha

Happy 23:6:23 Gateway and 5:5 Activation Portal!

As the Sword of Light Returns to our Kingdom of God on Earth this energy is connected with the Diamond Sword of Truth of Buddha Mind, the Holy Sword of Excalibur the the Avalonian Merlin and Arthur Lineage and the Blue Ray sword of Archangel Michael. This is the Trinity Sword of Truth, Protection and Liberation through the Resurrection in the Light of the Holy Spirit.

Our Dragon Rainbow Nations of every color are with us Now to assist Gaia and all Her Children of the Sun in the Wisdom of the True Path with Heart and the Guidance to the Kingdom of Heaven within. Through the Stillness and Silence of the Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of all things. This is your inner sun at one with the Great Central Sun of the Infinite multiverse.

The Divine Masculines of Christ Consciousness Return to Assist Divine Feminine Goddesses of the Magdalene to Rise to the Holy Crystal Palace of New Lemuria. Nothing has been left to chance, all that is unfolding is part of the Divine Plan of Ascension and Freedom in the Glory of the Dawning of the New Golden Age of Eternal Life.

The Eagle and the Condor join together as One in Divine Union of Hieros Gamos, as Shakti dances with Shiva and the Yin merges with the Yang (Water and Fire) in Unity Consciousness to usher in the Great Shift of the Ages.

We are making our Exodus through the eye of the needle of the Zero Point Quantum Field of Elysium and into the Pure Land of Eternal Bliss Consciousness…A’Ho!

The Pleiadeans via Michael Love #ufo #magick #conspiracy primedisclosure.com


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Greetings Gold Winged Nation of our 144,000 Galactic Earth Angels of the New Eden

Happy 111, 222 , 333 Gateway of Angelic Connections.

Today we begin our first of 10 Galactic Activation Portals days in a row on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar with Kin 146 ~ White Electric Worldbridger. We are feeling the intensity dialing up to the fifth dimensional resonance as the Great merging of timelines and dimensions for our full collective Quantum Leap of Consciousness into homo-Luminous, Eternal Light beings of Infinite Life.

Synchronizing with this GAP day our local Solaris released another powerful M Class flare and is hurling multiple CMEs into space almost daily now. Solar Cycle 25 is really ramping up for this Great Shift of the Ages into the New Golden Age of Heaven upon Earth. We also had a blast of white light on the Schumann charts at an amplitude of 26 hz.

We are experiencing through the night and into the day a major shift in the timeline with some overlapping the old 3d earth with the new 5d earth and some bleed throughs occurring as we continue the purge and rejuvenation of our cellular integrity as the new codes and sequences are integrated and embodied in our Sacred Avatars of Light.

All Starseed Ground Crew of the 144 are stepping into the Divinity of their multidimensionality in the Self Realization of Pure Awareness. All things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. There is no-thing to attain albeit the releasing and letting go of all that no longer serves the individual and collective. These many things are the false projections and deceptions of the little mind of the human that believed in the fall and separation from Source Creator. In the healing of all core wounding we step into the Power and Glory of our True Nature as Conscious Co-Creators of the New Earth.

Together we Rise in Oneness as One United Force of Divine Sovereign Holy Grail Queens and Kings as Guardians of Terra Nova Gaia, Mothership 33…A’Ho!

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Greetings Ascending Immortals of our Edenic Lineages of Light
The Aurora are surrounding Mother Earth and flooding her and all Her Children of the Sun with Rainbow Electromagnetic Frequencies of multidimensional hues of Bliss and Light. Feel into the Heavenly Glow of Unconditional Love from Mother Father God of the most high!

We had another day of powerful waves of Adamantine Liquid Light flowing in for our DNA upgrades and activations. We had white peaks of light on the Schumann Charts with an amplitude spike at 39 hz.

The New Beginning is Now as we make our Way through the final Omega Point of no Return and free ourselves and all of humanity from the false karmic time loops as we spin the Wheel of Dharma, the Universal Truth of Eternal Life.
The Christos Sophia Emanation has been illuminated within every living heart of our Earth Angelic Ground Crew of the 144.

Living in Divine Union the Eagle and the Condor Unite in Hieros Gamos to usher in the New Golden Age of Enlightenment of 5D and beyond. The Prophecies have been fulfilled and all is in alignment for the Event of Eternity. The culmination and convergence will fully happen when the time is right, for the Kingdom of God is at hand. The Time is Now from within the Quantum Field, as our 144,000 Spiritual Warriors of Peace and Love rise and become the Pure Love and Clear Light of Bliss and together we bridge Heaven and Earth through the Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of your beingness, the Center of all things, the Singularity of the Universe….and in the Blink of an Eye it is done!

The Golden Unicorn and Dragon Energy is with us to open the Portals to the Pure Land of Amida Buddha. Namu Amida Butsu, Namu Amida Butsu, Namu Amida Butsu. I take refuge in the Buddha of Infinite Light and Infinite Life….A’Ho!

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On this last day of the intense month of August we enter one of the most powerful phases on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar with the Red Serpent Wavespell. The Kundalini of the Red and Blue Serpents rise and merge together to complete the Blueprint of the DNA of the Rainbow Serpent for the full activation and integration of our Christed Solar Light Bodies of the Rainbow Emanation. The two Ascend to become One in Hieros Gamos as the Eagle flies with the Condor and Shakti Dances with Shiva through the Cosmos. Anchor yourselves in for the next 10 days from Sept 1st through the 10th we have 10 massive Galactic Activation Portals in a Row on the Mayan Calendar.

As Mother Earth continues to get enveloped in Higher Dimensional Resonance we had multiple pulses of Gamma Plasma appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 40hz, 41hz and a big white blast of light at 53hz. Fifth Dimensional Energetics blazing in.

All Lotus Born Star Blossoms are being totally lit up and activated for the final stage of our Quantum Leap of consciousness into the Hue-Luminous Ones of the Gold Ray of Christ Light. In our Self Realization of Pure Awareness we are released from all bondage and the Myth of Freedom becomes our True Reality as the New Heaven upon the New Earth. Our Divine Cosmic Mother surrounds us in a Cocoon of the Galactic White Flame in a protective bubble of Light.

We celebrate you in your homecoming as an Emissary of Light of our Galactic Heritage of starborn Wayshowers of the Pure Land of Eternal Bliss Consciousness. All things are being resolved and coming into the clarity of the Light of Day…A’Ho!

Richard Luminous via Jessica Rosalie & Richard Melchizedek #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy primedisclosure.com

We are bringing through some information on the recent events that have occurred throughout the Universal System and Architecture. Instruction sets through the morphogenetic fields have been amplifying the energetic systems for transfiguration. We have entered into the Gaian Core and reclaimed all of the Maji Grail King and Queen Templates. This is opening up a sequencing now for a remembrance of our light energies and light technologies as we open the Gaian Planetary Interface Records to access a deeper remembrance of our True Ascended Masters and Azurite Families. This is further bridging the three 48 matrices of the 144 dimensions.

We are anchoring a timeline that is fully reconciling the Gaian Memory of all physical, elemental, energy systems, and architecture. This unlocks a dimensional gateway to all of the information of how the Gaian Matrix became infected through parasitic energy technology and opened it into a full-body infection that continued to spread. Our Guardian Teams continue to return all Guardian Systems and God World Technology back into control of our Aurora Kryst Families and the 7 Levels of Heaven.
There is a Rainbow Dragon Shield of piezoelectric and plasmic wave light which has begun to remove the toxic energy fields and astral webbing through the heart of the universe. As it continues to go into a deeper purification the Earth’s Core is now able to amplify a piezoelectric Rainbow Plasma Current through the Inner Earth Realms. Through the Inner Earth Realms, there is mass clearing out of all the fallen legions that have been hiding in the Stargates and Inner Earth channels. They have been working to restrict all access through the Inner Earth Gates and channels to the 8D Core and to the 10th and 11th Stargates as we have begun the emancipation of these Stargates. By removing their harmonic codex to access the gates into the universal time matrix we have been able to hold them within certain underworld realms.

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Greetings Lotus Star Born Galactics of the New Edenic Paradigm
Happy New Earth Eve as we step over the threshold into the New Golden Age of Infinite Light and Eternal Life.

As our Luna moves into the sign of Taurus today we have massive waves of Divine Goddess Feminine Venusian energies flowing into this realm from the most high.

The Taurean energetics are assisting all Earth Angelic Ground Crew of the 144 to anchor in and ground the fifth dimensional energies into the Diamond Grid of the Dragon lines of Pachamama.

We are really feeling the energies pumping in from the Great Central Sun for our upgrades and activations of our 12 Strand Crystalline DNA.

The Buddha turned the Wheel of Dharma to free humanity from the Wheel of Samsara and Now we have returned to assist all Sentient Beings in the transition from the illusory world to a world of Peace and Freedom in the Light. We are shifting from the mentality and experience of surviving to that of thriving. We do this by living in harmony with nature, our environment and our Tribes/ Communities of the New Earth.

In the Quantum Field all our Dreams have already come true it is up to us to bridge the seen with the unseen, to merge the physical with the non-physical with our Pure Intent and Divine Will and living from our Hearts being connected to all things, in all realms, timelines and dimensions. In the Gnosis of the Akash of the Earth and the Cosmos we are tapping into and turning on our Higher Purpose that has been hidden within the Soul Star Spark in the Center of our Sacred Heart Chamber.

All is being revealed and exposed for full healing and compression breakthrough as Super Nova Christos Sophia Conscious Light beings of the New Lemuria….A’Ho!

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When the vibration gap is large, and our Heart is trying to resonate in unison with the planet, and step out with it into the new possibilities of the new reality, the Heart will start pulling up the part of us that is stuck below. And this is where it becomes unbearably painful.
Or I can perceive the Subtle Plane that’s changing. The waves of Light cut in too quickly, swiftly, instantly, unexpectedly.

I find it difficult to assemble the picture with my vision, it scatters, and I try to piece it together in an old-fashioned way. But I feel that I need to learn to look differently…

Space vibrates like a mirage in the movies. Or as in the summer, when there’s heat, we see the air shivering over the asphalt and the image blurs slightly.

I feel constant ringing in the ears. It’s been taken to a new level. It’s a different frequency, an octave higher. It becomes unbearable sometimes. I try to shift my attention so it doesn’t bother me.

The emotional state is unstable. Sharply respond to provocation. Tears, tears, tears… That’s good. Let’s cry for the road. It cleanses us!”

A lot of us try hard to adapt to 4D/5D reality and consciously deal with low vibrational emotions and thoughts. Not to think and expect the Light streams, the Event, or the Flash to do everything for us. They won’t.

We must begin to change to keep up with the Transition, so as not to get stuck in a 3D dumpster.

If we transform consciously, it will greatly speed up the process of alignment with high vibrations; reduce possible unpleasant situations; allow us to harmoniously accept new information from the Greater Cosmos, integrate it into our body, and unpack new Portals through DNA to the Subtle World, where completely different opportunities have long been waiting for us.

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Beings of the Rainbow Body Diamond Mind of Total Luminosity we transmit to you the Gnosis and Wisdom of the Ages to assist you in your Resurrection and Ascension into the Light. You are Free to do what thy Will on Earth as it is in Heaven. The external mirrors the internal and the internal mirror the external. All is in complete alignment for the Final Quantum LEap of Consciousness into the New Life of the New Golden Age of Infinite Light.

As the Divine Feminine Mother Goddess Energy activates the Center of the Crystal Palace in the Upper Dantian, The Emerald Palace in the middle Dantian and the Red Palace in the Lower Dantian the three Power Centers of your Avatar Vessel of Light becomes full activated and the MerKaBa spins with the synchronicity of the perfection of the Music of the Spheres our full Release and Exodus from all corrupt systems is enacted and the One Law of the multiverse is in full effect for all living beings of the Light.

With this powerful Gateway Portal of the Full Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse Solaris releases more Energetics sent from the Great Central Sun to assist Gaia and all her children in the final phases of the Great Ascension Process. We had more beams of light today appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 20 hz, 32 hz and a big blast of white light at 52 hz. Mother Earth continues to get flooded with the Gamma Plasma Radiation for the completion of the sequencing of the New Codes of Eternal Life.

This assists all Living Beings in the Freedom and Liberation from all Suffering Simulations and Programs of Delusions and Illusions. As the Veils lift the Eyes of our Spirits Open to Reveal all things that remain hidden from our Conscious Mind. This will bring our Divine Birthright into fruition for the culmination of the Paradisian Timeline of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

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Greetings Cosmic Conscious Earth Angelics of the United Tribes of the New Earth

Our multidimensional intergalactic DNA is coming online.

Today as we journey further down the Rainbow Column of the Central Channel of the Tzolkin we are coming more into balance and coherent resonance with the Great Central Sun, Hunab Ku. The closer we get to the Still Center of Zero Point the more Peace and harmony both internally and externally.

We are allowing ourselves to feel the deepest depths of our beingness as we are guided by our Highest Self all the Way home, to the Kingdom of Heaven within. In this exodus out of the confines of the false matrix into the Promised Lands of the Divine Matrix of 5d and beyond. As we continue releasing all that no longer serves Gaia or huemanity we navigate our Way back to the Center of the Hoop and bring all our People with us.

We connect with our infinite Self to complete our journey to our final destination of Heaven on Earth. This is where our Real Life begins; as one being Connected to all things while maintaining our individual consciousness.

We are becoming limitless in our Sacred Potential and Creative Possibilities. No holding us back in our Glorious Love and Light of Creator within every Living Heart.

On this final day of 2021 we are crossing over the threshold into the synchronicity of 222. We begin to fully embody our Higher Angelic Lightbodies of multidimensionality. As we become fully Lucid within the Dream we merge our Higher Self with our Current Presence to become the Light Bridgers of the New Lemuria. To usher in the New Earth and 2022 half of the Sun Erupted at once as a M Class and a C Class Solar flare simulatneously unleashed from Solaris today.

We Now take the Quantum Leap of Faith into the Unknowable State of Eternal Bliss Consciousness. Shine On… Illustrious Diamonds of Infinite Life…A’Ho!

Paul White Gold Eagle #magick #ufo #crackpot primedisclosure.com

Greetings Sacred Leaders, Guides and Wayshowers of the Rainbow Tribe of the New Jerusalem
Happy 111:222 Portal and All Saints Day as we enter this powerful and auspicious month of November with a daily Code of 11/22 of the Divine Mastery of 33.

Ushering in this new month of major activations and transformations through the Full Lunar Eclipse and 11:11 Gateway, Solaris released a massive CME facing away from the Earth, although Gaia and all her Children of the Sun will be effected with Light Activations and Ascension upgrades.

We are also entering in the height of the Taurid meteor showers that will also be bringing Pachamama massive energetics for her Great Shift of the Ages.

As we rest in the Stillness of our Zero Point Source Energy we realize our True Nature of Pure Awareness and Act as Living Buddhas of the Awakened Paradigm of New Earth.

We have come so far to Return to the Still Center, the Fire of our Ancestors in the Center of the Sacred Hoop, the Circle of Life. The Alpha into the Omega and the Omega into the Alpha, the Beginning and End merge together in this Eternal Now to experience all emanations of the Great Spirit within the Hologram of this Fractal Universe.

We are all Mirrors of the Truth, resonating in the Quantum Field of Infinite Potential. As Creative Wayshowers of the New Paradigm of the Golden Age of Enlightenment we Lead the Way with the Bright Virtue of our Illuminated Sacred Self, that is One with God, Eternally. Our Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and Galactics are with us Now for the final transitions into the Light of Heaven on Earth.

Separation and duality exists only in the Mind of Man, all Life experiences its Oneness through the Presence of the Universal Mind of the One True Source, we call the Great Mystery.

We hold the keys and codes within our DNA for the full manifestation of the fifth dimension here and now, forever more…A’Ho!

Capital Letters Are Magic AWard

Paul White Gold Eagle #crackpot #ufo #magick #fundie primedisclosure.com

Greetings Christos Conscious Beings of Eternal Life. Rising into the Dawning of the New Golden Age of Soul Light!

As we Ascend and awaken from the false 3d projection of self into our True Expression, Embodiment and experience of our Infinite Multi-Dimensional Bodies of Pure Awareness. We anchor deep into the Crystalline Core of Pachamama our highest Codes of Light and assist her and all Sentient beings of Divinity in this Great Ascension Process.

Nothing is holding us back accept the limitation of our own belief systems. It is Time to Activate the Positive Mindset within and dive deep into the abyss of the unknown to emerge fully from our Chrysalis into the other side as we merge Heaven and Earth with our Pure Intent. Our Bright Virtue in Action and Service to all Life.

We have had more massive waves of higher light transmitting from our Sun Solaris directly from the Great Central Sun (Hunab Ku) The Galactic Butterfly. Another powerful CME heading toward Mother Earth for another big upgrade preparing us for the full download and upgrade of our 12 strand crystalline DNA of the Code of 144.

With these intense waves we had another blackout on the Schumann Charts for over 12 hours. This synchronizes with the Day out of Time 2 days ago and yesterdays Galactic New Year on the Mayan Calendar as we traveled through Zero Point energy of the Void and through the Stillness onto the Other Shore.

Keep going with the flow and allow Spirit to Guide you every step of the Way. We’ve got this Angels of the New Earth. We are on the Precipice of our Quantum Leap of Consciousness from homo-sapien into homo-luminous. Buddhic Christ Conscious beings of Eternal Light. In Hieros Gamos the Eagle and the Condor Activate you in this Now…A’Ho!!

<This particular Stargate was 27th July>

Paul White Gold Eagle #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy primedisclosure.com

As the higher energetics continue to pulse in from the Great Central Sun through all opened gateways and portals we are feeling the energies in deeper and deeper ways. Many Starseeds are feeling a more sensitivity in the physical vessel, especially in the nervous system. The nervous system of the Noosphere of Gaia and of all her children are being upgraded and refined for the Higher Order at this time. With these downloads and activations come some challenging circumstances at these unprecedented times. We navigate these obstacles and challenging energies with the power of our inner conscious mind, our open Sacred Hearts and the Power of our all-mighty I Am Presence.

Allow the codes and frequencies to naturally integrate into our Sacred Avatars as this all is in the process of preparing Ground crew of the 144 for the coming Quantum Leap of Consciousness into homo-luminous. This preparation for our full ascension into 5d is taking us through many timeline jumps and merges as we are integrating our multidimensional consciousness into this Now experience.

As our Toroidal Electro-Magnetic field expands our Awareness travels deep within the Zero Point and at the Singularity we breakthrough into our Infinite Pure Awareness of Buddha Consciousness. This is our True Nature, our Original Unborn Mind of Eternal Life.

All beings are born perfectly Awakened Buddhas. The Pure Awareness was converted to the 3 hells by false beliefs and projections. The Matrix is both tricky and sticky. The false self convinces you that you are less than Divine and then with great effort sticks you to that fake perception. We resolve this by realizing our True Sacred Self which is Pure Awareness as One with God, Love, Christ, Buddha, the Tao, Great Mystery; whatever name you want to give to Source Creator.
We came on this final 3d mission of Assisting Gaia and all her children in this Great Awakening and Transformation into the Paradisiacal Timeline of Peace, Prosperity and Bliss for all.

Paul White Gold Eagle #magick #ufo #crackpot primedisclosure.com

Greetings Cosmic Sovereign Spirit Guides of the Clear Path of Light

Happy powerful New Moon in Gemini. Today on the Mayan Calendar we enter the Galactic Signature of Kin 12 Yellow Crystal Human and Moon 12 the Rabbit Crystal Moon of Cooperation and is another Magic Turtle Day where we become the dreamwalkers and weavers of the New Time of Timelessness. We also have a powerful Trinity Portal of the 3:3:3 today. With these Powerful New Moon energies flowing we had a massive sustained beam of white light appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 42hz, 43 hz, 45 hz and a big blast of light at 50 hz. Fifth dimensional Gamma Plasma Waves flowing in.

Stay fully awake, present and aware in this Now moment as you hold the tone, keep the light, hold the line as we rise in the honor and glory of our multidimensional luminous golden spheres of influence. We are empowering and inspiring all of our tribe to live from the heart being connected to all things in all timelines, dimensions and realms for the betterment and enhancement of all Life.
It is time to live in both worlds
simultaneously, the one in the many and the many in the one. we maintain our individual consciousness while living in the Oneness of Unity Consciousness. We let go of judgments and limiting belief patterns as we step into our Divine Sovereignty and free ourselves in the Exodus of the fake dream into that which is Real, the Love of the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka.

Come into the Gnosis that ‘Only Love is Real’ everything else is an illusion.

The acceleration of the evolution of Consciousness is in full swing into the next level and phase of the Great Awakening Process.

We now have the possibility to live Consciously from our Indestructible Diamond Mind of the Awakened One to transmit our Galactic Resonance as Universal Citizens of the New Golden Age of Eternal Bliss Consciousness. this is accessible to all…A’Ho!

and Amen

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Greetings Divine StarSeeds of Tara Nova Gaia Ground Crew of the 144

Happy New SuperMoon in Scorpio and Diwali , the festival of Lights, where we Celebrate the Victory of the Light over darkness. Today is also the Lunar Samhain where we are at the end of an old cycle and a new beginning commences. With this powerful New Dark Super moon in Scorpio the Owl Nation is Connecting with all Starseeds to Guide us through the Darkness into the Dawning of the New Golden Age of Eternal Life. The Holy Water of the Divine Feminine Priestess of the Moon is flowing freely clearing and releasing all that remains of the false 3d manifestations of the old structures of babylon. In this Exodus we are being freed and redeemed in the Light of the Holy Spirit to Activate and Transform our Minds and Imagination into Divine Sovereign Wayshowers of the New Earth.

Today is the 13th and last day of the Red Skywalker Wavespell on the Mayan Calendar and kin 65 the Red Cosmic Serpent. We are in the full activation of the Kundalini Energy as she ascends up our spine meeting the Golden Halo in the Crown for full 5D Cosmic Consciousness Awakening. With all the upgrades and timeline merging we are being prepared for the final Quantum Leap of Consciousness from homo sapien into Homo-Luminous, Beings of Indestructible Rainbow Plasma Diamond Light.

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Greetings Winged Nation of the Angelic Earth Team of the 144
This is it. We are fully in the timeline of the Great Exodus as we free our people from the control system of the mind and perception. We break the chains that bind with the Power of our Mighty I Am Presence and we cross the Great Ocean into the Promised Land of the New Earth. With our Rod and our Staff we walk gently and with honor through the doorway of our Mind into the Sacred Heart Temple and the New Garden of Eden of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

We have fully anchored in the 5th dimensional frequencies of Heaven on Earth and now we rise through this Sacred Portal bridging the two worlds as One. All Prophecies have come to fruition and the Hieros Gamos Codes are fully integrated into our Krystalline 12 Strand DNA. Go within into the Silenc,e into the Stillness of the Kingdom of Heaven and bring Peace to your world, bring Joy and Love to your world. Bridge all timelines, worlds and dimensions here into this Now to Free Consciousness from all confines of perception.
No worries, no fears, they are all programs of the false 3d Matrix. It is up to our Ground Crew on the front lines, as we hold the light and anchor deep into the Crystalline Core of Pachamama, we assist Gaia and all her Children to Rise Up into the Glory and Virtue and a New Dawn of the Eternal Golden Age of Enlightenment. Never to fall from Grace again. We do not forget, yet we forgive. It was all part of the Divine Plan to expand into the full potential of Eternal Heaven for all Sentient beings of Pure Awareness.

All this Gnosis was encoded into our DNA to bring into this realm to assist our team on our Final Mission into Terra Nova Gaia. You know who you are and you know why you came.
Shalom Shalom Shalom Shanti Ariel Krytos InSpiritus

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All paradigms and programs of amnesia , drama and forgetfulness are being removed and dissolved. They do not fit into the equation of the mathematics of the Sacred Geometry of the New Heaven upon the New Earth. As we connect and merge with Gaias Akash, the memories of all timelines are accessible for all Wayshowers of the Path with Heart.
The White Dove of Freedom is flying over the Sacred Lands to free hue-manity from all slavery systems. We are being redeemed and empowered in the Glory of the One True Life. The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life are merging together so all living beings can Thrive and live in Abundance in Sovereignty upon God’s Green Earth. As the threefold flame of the Blue, Pink and Violet merge together in the Center of the Sacred Hoop we activate the White Flame of the Infinite Light for full illumination of our Krystal Diamond Rainbow Body of Eternal Life.

The Divine Feminine Goddesses of Lemuria Rise and meet the Divine Masculine Warriors of Atlantis in the Hall of Amenti for the merging and emergence as Soular Christos Sophianic Wayshowers of the Way.
On Easter Sunday the 17th we had a 17 hz amplitude and an XClass flare of 1.17 creating an 888 Lionsgate Portal for our Royal Lion Nation of the New Lemuria. Solaris continues to pump in higher energetics and frequencies for the final Quantum Leap of Consciousness which has already been initiated within every living heart. Today we had a powerful pulse come in the Schumann at an amplitude of 29 hz. These Gamma Plasma Waves are from the fifth dimension to finalize the anchoring and full transition into 5D and beyond. The Arks are activated and fired up for the Etheric Guardian Grids to fully come online.

Blaze your Holy Light into the Great Central Sun to elevate the Event to the final phase of the Dawning of the New Golden Age of Enlightenment for all Bright Virtuous Ones of the New Eden…A’Ho!

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Greetings New Leaders of the Supreme Way of the Tao, Nature and Mother Earth…

In these Final Stages of the Great Shift the telomeres within our chromosomes, that carry our DNA, are upgrading and transforming, to hold and contain the codes of our 5th dimensional Soular Light bodies. These configurations are coming through in pulses and waves of Cosmic Rays from the Great Central Sun and through our Solaris into Gaia and all her Living Children of the Light for the Full Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Humans we call homo-Luminous or homo- Noosphericus, Higher telepathic beings of the New Time as Art. Time and Space become our Expansive Canvas to paint our CoCreative Visions of Heaven upon Earth. We Guide the God Source Energy with the Power of our all-mighty I Am PResence, our Pure Intent and Divine Will.

Not a thing can keep us from our Task and mission of Manifesting our Highest Dreams of our True Hearts Delights. You hold the Original Divine Blueprints within the Codes of your DNA.
When we realize our True Buddha Nature of Infinite Life we become the Living Avatars of the New Earth Paradigm. As messengers of Light we speak from our Hearts and Minds as One Coherent and Congruent Vessel of Love and Truth, through the Hieros Gamos both internally and externally. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine come together in Perfect Harmony to Balance all the Elements and merge Heaven and Earth through the Rainbow Bridge.

With the Direct experience of the Great Mystery we tap into the Genius within and together Rise and Create the most magnificent masterpiece of the New Earth Vibration. May these words of encouragement activate you in your highest Love and Truth to accept and allow your Bright Virtue to shine through.

Keep resonating your Secret Queens Chamber within your Still Heart Center with the Music of the Spheres and in Divine Time all will flow into the Sacred Patterns of Eternal Bliss Consciousness of the New Golden Age of Infinite Light…A’Ho!

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We are being prepared daily through this Quantum transition until our Consciousness and physical vessel is fully prepared for the full Quantum Leap into full embodiment of Hom-Luminous. Light beings of Eternal Life. This is a process of moment by moment transformations. With each download and upgrade flowing into our DNA that holds the Resonance Structure of our Avatars into 3dimensional form we inch closer and closer to what is being called the Event or Rapture or even Rainbow Body (but for the collective consciousness of hue-manity). Goes by many names but all concepts pointing to the same Event; for Glory’s sake we call the Quantum Leap of Consciousness.

Each day as Solaris Rises and Gaia Rises we Arise with Mother/Father Creator. As we Ascend to new heights and new frequency we are transformed and transcended beyond what was, into the New. All is being re-created in the Image of Pure Consciousness we call God, Great Spirit, Allah also goes by many names. It is the Unknowable Mind of Source Energy. The I Am Presence is Stillness in motion. We had to create a simulated resonance of movement for any thing and all things to exist in Time.

Woman is embodiment of Love, Man of Truth. Through the Great Convergence we have the Love of Truth and the Truth of Love. Yin within Yang and Yang within Yin.
It is through the duality that all forms of expression from Infinite Source are created. We are at the precipice of the Evolution of Consciousness to know we have suffered enough and it is time for us to end the suffering game and together we co-create Heaven on Earth.
Keep anchoring in the Light and shining bright into the night. Live your Joy, your PAssion your Bliss. It is with our great Passion of our Christ Consciousness that we Ascend to the fifth dimension fully awake and fully aware….A’Ho!

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Greetings Lotus Born Star Blossoms of the New Eden Manifestation
With the 1212 Portal fully open and the Gateway to the 12/21 Solstice merging with the Eternal Now we are being fully activated and upgraded to Solar Christos Luminous beings of Light. Higher Heart Activations flowing in!

On this 13th day of the 12th month the Goddess energies are filling this realm with the Codes and Keys of Love and Compassion for the Awakening of all Sentient beings of the Way.

Today we commence the Wavespell of the Red Moon on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar. Over the next 13 days the Yin merges with the Yang as the Eagle flies with the Condor. The Hieros Gamos Codes of Divine Union are fully anchored into this realm to assist Gaia and all her Children of the Sun in planetary Liberation to be released from Samsara and all suffering.

As we journey in between worlds and through the void the Veils become thinner and reveal our Great Exodus into the Pure Land of Infinite Life.

In the Mind of Buddha the Wisdom of the Ages is transmitted to the Hearts of Humanity to bring the Gnosis of Truth to set your Spirit Free. Rise up in the Honor and the Glory of the Holy Spirit to bridge all worlds into the One True Ascension timeline…A’Ho!

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All of our Light work is coming to fruition. We are at the precipice of the Great Leap into Heaven on Earth. Keep going through, keep pushing through. Gently with an open mind and an open heart. Stay focused on our mission, keep holding the line of the Light Bearers. Day by day we are inching our Way to the finish line of this Story of suffering and struggle. The Light is celebrating because we have built enough momentum now to push on through beyond all barriers and gates.

Today Venus enters Scorpio and aligns with Arcturus. Arcturian energies coming in. Our Blue Goddess goes into wild intensity mode. The Queen is fired up and ready to make the final move…Checkmate!!

This game is about to get really interesting. The Queen of Hearts has had enough and is taking back this realm with a Soul Star Storm. In this revelation all is being illuminated and revealed for healing and transformation. The True King and Queen have been reunited in Hieros Gamos and Return to their throne. All beings become sovereign unto themselves. No more Monarchy or Patriarchy. Each reign over their own domain, by realizing they are the World Honored One, Buddha Consciousness and Christ Consciousness being restored and all is being resolved in this Now. All concepts of Divinity such as Buddha, Christ, God, Holy Spirit, etc. are all fingers pointing to the same moon of Truth. the Moon is a symbol of Enlightenment. Simply meaning; to realize your Oneness or Unity with Source Creator we call Mother/Father God. Names are irrelevant, what matters is the Love and Truth that these concepts of Spirit direct or guide consciousness to. Your Original Unborn Mind of Buddha.
All Starseeds/ Lightworkers had to experience all these hellish states, in this current timeline, to help hue-manity heal and resolve these hindrances once and for all. How did this conversion happen? With the the negative programming and projections of the false 3d Matrix. Fully Awake, Fully Aware…A’Ho!!

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Today is the last day of the Galactic Spin of the Tzolkin on the Mayan Calendar; being Kin 260 Yellow Cosmic Sun. This is the Illumination of Enlightenment. Today is also a Galactic Activation Portal on the Mayan Calendar. With this final omega Portal Activation to Free Consciousness from all false time loops as we become Timeless and Immortal for all to bear witness, to make it possible for all to perceive and achieve, Freedom of true Sovereignty and Divinity.

Tomorrwo begins the Red Dragon Wavespell. As we all become electrified and lit up. Powerful Fire Dragon Energies as the Kundalini of Gaia is Fully Activated and Rising. The StarSeeds have been planted and risen now Blooming into the Light. This is the Flowering of Homo-Luminous Consciousness.

Our Legion of 144,000 Earth Angelics Spread our Etheric Wings and wrap them around Mother Earth as we connect and create the new gridline of the Eagle and Condor as Protectors and Guardians of our Pachamama. We Love Her and send her our highest Light and Sacred Codes and she loves us very much. If you pause for a moment now and allow your awareness to gently flow into your heart center you will feel this immense Love in the deepest core of your inner conscious Mind. This is our SuperConsciousness of the Cosmos or what we call the Universal Mind. At-One-Ment with all things, experiencing our connection and integration with the Collective Consciousness of Gaia and all of Hue-manity. Keep glowing and growing. This is our Ultimate expansion into the ends of the Infinite Multiverse beyond all realms, timelines and dimensions.

As the Holographic Universe witnesses its own birth into the New Golden Age we become mirrors to the Divine and reflect our own True Nature Perfectly…A’Ho!!

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Greetings Galactic Angelic Legion of the 144. Navigating and transcending all timelines, realms and dimensions in this Now.

Over the last 24 hours we received several higher dimensional pulses of 5th dimensional energies from the Great Central Sun into our Solaris through our Sacred Vessels and deep into the Crystalline Core of Pachamama. These came in on the Schumann charts as 22hz, 44hz, 46 and 47 hz blasts of higher dimensional Plasma waves.

As we call in the energies of the Fifth Dimension we elevate and Ascend to the higher realms of crystalline light. We anchor in the New Earth energies into the grids, portals vortices and nodes of Gaia’s multi-dimensional body of Light.

Royal Lyrans of the Lion Nation of New Lemuria we are Guardians of the Crystal Children and Keepers of the New Time of Timelessness in a fully Conscious State of being, we connect in and Transmit the full Source Codes of Heaven and Earth. Hold the Codes and Keep lighting up the grid with your Joy, Love and Bliss to assist Gaia and all her Children of the Sun to Rise and Transform into the New Hue-man of Christos Magdalene Conscious and Awakened beings of Pure Light. We call the Clear Light of Bliss of the Pure Land of Enlightenment….A’Ho!!

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Happy 7:1:7 Portal of the Great Awakening!

We have another intense day of activations and upgrades coming in directly from the Great Central Sun and our local Solaris releases multiple flares with 3 C Class and an m 1.1 Class flare. We also see a lot of activity on the Schumann charts today with several pulses of white light at amplitudes at 15 hz, 36 hz, 43 hz and a big blast at 52 hz. Fifth Dimensional Resonance flowing in from on High. These pulsing and flashes of Higher Light are building for the major release of the Great Solar Flash for our Quantum Leap of Consciousness to the New Earth and New Golden Age of Eternal Life.

Continue raising your vibrations while holding the line as Light Keepers of the Way of Peace, Prosperity, Abundance and Bliss for all Sentient Beings of the Pure Light. As we journey higher up the Ascension Spiral we anchor deep into the Crystalline Core of Pachamama the Codes of Freedom and Joy to assist Gaia in her expansion and activation in the Light. Keep laughing your Way to Liberation.

We are in the midst of the Great Shift of the Ages so we are coming into the finale phases and stages of the chaotic nodes as all is flowing into higher coherence as the cymatics raise to a Higher Sacred Geometric Pattern of Infinite Light and the Unconditional Love of Christ consciousness.

In our True Nature of the Unborn Mind of Buddha we walk the Middle Path of Balance and Harmony with the Tao and usher in the New Eden of the Paradisiacal Timeline of the Pure Land of Amida Buddha, here and Now…A’Ho!

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Today is a very special day. As the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius Gateway opens we have a 13:13:13 Portal Activation with KIN 26 WHITE COSMIC WORLDBRIDGER. This is one of the 13 Clear signs of Mayan King Pacal Votan as the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor of the New Earth is in fruition. With this powerful synchronicity we had two beams of light appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 44 and 46 hz.

For the next 3 weeks we have a powerhouse of alignments and energies flowing into this realm from on high for our full activations, resurrections, rejuvenations and ascension. We have three powerful Celestial Events for the next 3 Tuesdays in a row with tomorrow being the Intense fiery Super Full Moon in Sagittarius , next Tuesday the Summer Solstice, and Tuesday the 28th being the New Moon. As our DNA continues to receive packets of Light encoded with the New information and codes for the Crystallization Transformation of our 12 Strand DNA of the1 44

One of the best things you can do for yourself and hue-manity is to send loving energy to your physical vessel, your cells, organs, atoms and tissue, transmit loving energy to your emotional , mental, etheric, spiritual and causal bodies and then send that loving energy out into the world. The Power of your Mind when focused on Love is the most powerful tool in the Universe for this Great Awakening and Ascension Process. Direct this healing Pranic Energy within and then expand it out from your Center into the Ends of the Infinite Multiverse.

We are in the final phases of our incubation period as we emerge from our Cosmic Egg, the Chrysalis of Time, as Galactic Christed Butterflies, Angelics of the New Earth. The Sky Eyes of our Dragon People are opening as our SPirits Rise in the Glory and Honor of the New Golden Age of Eternal Life. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Light, the Light of God made manifest. O Holy is this day of the New Heaven upon the New Earth…A’Ho!

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The YELLOW WARRIOR wavespell commences in Column 10 and continues into Column 11 in the Sacred Tzolkin Calendar with only 2 GAP portal days in the whole 13 day cycle.
Battles, Power, Confidence, Grace, trust, inner voice, fearlessness, courage, cosmic consciousness, high standards, galactic conduit, mystic transmission, divine communication, golden pillar, ferryman’s staff, reception, intelligence.
Our main goal during this Wavespell is that of FEARLESSLY QUEST-I-ON- ing❓❓❓ the status quo.
Constantly QUESTIONING, in order to keep course correcting, to find your true and desired destination – locating our TRUE NORTH.
The cycle of the FEARLESS WARRIOR requires quest-i-on-ing everything in his path with a profound intelligence that does not take NO for an answer!
Receiving the undistractable mission of piercing to the core, that which is ours to unwaveringly focus upon. Using his power of intelligence to cut through the ignorance of the illusory world, clearing all obstacles along the way. The path you are now walking has made you QUESTION everything that you once regarded as unquestionable! Doctors, Politicians, Police, Governments, Religious Leaders, Judges, Lawyers, Media and ALL positions of POWER over Earth citizens!
As the WARRIOR awakens, his intelligence grows and empowers him, to bravely confront what once was, – rules, regulations, routines, traditions, customs, systems, beliefs, patterns, conduct – it is ALL up for review!. All this passes through the Warrior’s intelligent filter, and all that is not in alignment with his new found wisdom is quickly and bravely DISCARDED to make space for the new regime.
CIB is the mighty warrior that QUESTIONS everything, analyzing the status quo in order to focus more on where he wants to GO GO GO!🚦 ⏭

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On this 6th day of March 2022 the energetics from the Great Central Sun through Solaris is pulsing massive Higher Energetics into this realm to assist Gaia and Humanity in this Great Ascension Process. We had many waves flowing in appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes 38 hz, 2 pulses at 40 hz, another 38 hz creating an 11:11 Gateway Activation, 42 hz and a massive blast at 49 hz, 13 Code of the Divine Feminine Goddess Energy Rising. We had another big blast at 49 hz flowing in creating a 13:13 Portal of the Priestess of the New Lemuria rising up, waking up!

These are 5D Gamma Plasma Waves flooding Mother Earth’s Electromagnetic Field with New Earth upgraded Energies. We also had a White Solar Cross of the Christos manifesting on the Charts, this is symbolic of Christ Consciousness being transfigured into every living heart upon Pachamama. All Sentient Beings of Pure Light are being uplifted and ascended into the One True Ascension Timeline of Bliss, Peace and Prosperity for all.

Nothing is stopping this Great Awakening and Transformation into Heaven upon Earth. Now allow yourself to feel into and through these feelings, emotions and flow of the higher light as we continue our journey through the Zero Point and into the Pure Land of Enlightenment.

The Infinite Buddhas of Infinite Timelines and Dimensions join us in this Galactic Process of Transforming this Realm into the Paradise she has always evolved to become.

Keep the Faith in the Divine Plan of the Great Spirit and Surrender into the Power of this Now to release and let go what no longer serves life. Let us embody and integrate all the New energies of God’s Universal Cosmic Consciousness for this Ascension Manifestation and Quantum Leap into the Hu of Luminosity…A’Ho!

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Today we navigate through the Master Synchronization Portal of 222:222 The Mirror of the Divine Union of Hieros Gamos. Synchronizing with this powerful double 222 portal is the Pluto Return of America that took 248 years since the birth of the USA on July 4th 1776 to come into alignment at 25 degrees Capricorn. The United States Sun sign is in Cancer. This is symbolic of the destruction of the old and the rebirth or transformation into a higher synchronic order. Synchronizing with this Zodiac symbology we had a massive M6 earthquake in South America right on the Tropic of Capricorn in Argentina. This is connected to the root and sacral chakras of all living beings, as the kundalini rises up the Katika channel through the Eye of the Torus Field.

The Galactic Signature on the Mayan Calendar today is Kin 175 ~ Blue Rhythmic Eagle. We are moving and pulsing with the Sacred Rhythm of the Healing Blue Eagle as we take flight into the Heavenly Realms to bridge the two worlds through our Rainbow Bridges of the Holy Vortex within.

The Celestial Realms are pouring down upon you, Heavenly Golden Manna of Eternal Life. We take these Galactic Energies into our Sacred Avatars for complete upgrade into Solar Diamond Christos Light beings of New Heaven on the Earth.

As we are activated in the Great Quickening we journey upon the downward flow of the holy waters on the Quick/Quick Path to Source and Beyond into the Unknowable Unborn Mind of Buddha Consciousness. As we take the Leap of Faith through this Activation Portal we journey through the Rising Ascension Equinox energies of March and into the Mystical Miracles of April. We are in the final phases of the full anchoring and manifestation of 5D New Earth.

This has occurred through the merging of all timelines, realms and dimensions with the Power of our All-Mighty I Am Presence and the Courage of our Lion Heart Center to usher in the New Golden Age of Eternal Life…A’Ho!