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The Reptilian Gods are returning.

Humans needs to know the truth.

The Reptiles were ruling the world before us humans.
But we humans who were created by the Annunaki, we took over the planet and killed almost all reptilian beings. The Reptiles being who were carnivores represented a danger for the human slaves who were digging gold out of the earth for the Annunaki Gods.

The few reptilians who are still alive need to live in secret. Else they would have been exterminated by the Annunaki who invaded this planet.
The few reptiles who survived the genocide evolved. Some of them became venomous, some submerged themselves under water, some built a shield around their body and some developed biological camouflage. All the dinosaurs were exterminated. It was harder to kill flying dinosaurs because they were flying. So it took longer in times to kill the flying dinosaurs.

But now the Reptilians no-more want to live in fear.
Some of them even lives among us. It could be your neighbor or your children school friend. Since 2012 Human beings have reached a higher realm of consciousness. And because of that Humans are now more open to accept and live with other beings.

On the 23rd of September bloodmoon the reptilians will make their coming out to the world.



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