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My report in-depth blow by blow on the Juan O Savin reveal and the border story and more…


JUAN O SAVIN may be one and the same person wearing more than one disguise. JfK jr is definitely alive.
My dreams could be, yes, some illuminati mind control program… I don’t think so but hey who knows?! LOL
Must also see my interview with Nino where I detail the personality profile of JFK Jr and Juan O Savin linked below.
Must also see the interview I did with author John Koerner with details on the actual JFK Jr. so-called crash or assassination….linked below.

Added update: FYI on Monday night I met FACE TO FACE with the Juan from FEB… had a one on one talk in the lobby of the Trump for several minutes studying his face eyes and nose 3 inches from his face… that one had blue eyes… but they could have been contact lenses!!!
I also said to his face “YOU AREN’T JOHN”. AND HE SAID “plausible deniability is very important”. LOL

Gerry Foley video linked below : at 33:30 mins in Juan talks about something in the back of a video that would have caused a ‘bit of a problem’ and so the video had to be taken down…(the crowd goes crazy) and from off camera he hands Gerry a cardboard(?) fcce of JFK jr wearing a red MAGA hat…Gerry shows it to the camera and the crowd goes crazy… Then they go off camera but we can still hear them and they do a loud prayer of protection for Juan and his family and that no weapon shall ever touch him and his beautiful family.

Point is you wouldn’t have to take down a video because there was a photo of Jfkjr in the background… unless the real guy just happened to be in it…



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