Airisvel & greenteaapplepie69 #sexist

Absolute suifuel by Dan Bilzerian, a non hypocritical moid

If you don't know who Dan Bilzerian is, he's basically gotten famous off of flaunting his wealth and depraved lifestyle all over instagram. Basically an ascended moid, the perfect epitome of what their nature really is deep down. Gotta respect the honesty though, he doesn't hide anything and doesn't virtue signal/act like he's better than what he really is, unlike most other famous/wealthy moids hiding what they do behind closed doors, cheating on their wife, etc. He accepts his nature, and he even spits some truth in this video by saying that he thinks most men would live like him if they could, and that they don't either because they absolutely can't or are too lazy to risk it, and prefer to stay in a comfortable situation with a woman dumb enough to dedicate her life to them (a second mother, if you will).

He says he's addicted to sex (duh?!), and despite having hundreds of girls around him, he says it is in fact never enough. Keep in mind it's giga Stacys we're talking about. There is no hope being a woman, no matter what you look like. The problematics are just different once you're beautiful enough to attract men. Like most male animals they are polygamous, and they don't know what love is. They never had the biological need to develop a loving nature, they can only want to possess you and protect you from other males. Everything is about control, power and lust.

I would hate to be in bed with this fucking pig, but at least the girls know what they're getting into. Sure they get used, but don't we all anyway? If you want to deal with moid's bullshit, might as well have an easy and fun life offered to you to balance it out. The older i get, the more i think those girls are just really pragmatic. I wouldn't want to proudly show myself to the world half naked and shit though, it's very trashy but i suppose it's part of the deal for them.

The interesting part starts at 6:27 if you don't want to hear 10 minutes of this shit.

this is pretty much the core of the pinkpill.

if i had to break it down it would be:

1. men are adult toddlers ( entitled, temper tantrums, short attention span, egotistical)

2. if a moid could live like chad, he would (fucking models, etc;)

3. only stacy matters to men. (when they talk about 'tfw no gf' its really 'tfw no stacy', or just talking about women in general, they usually only focus on stacy.)

4. wursties are black holes with dicks. (its never enough for moids. they consume everything and it will never be enough, they will crave more and more until there is nothing left in the universe that can satisfy them. they are black holes with dicks.)




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