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The latter is what gives Russia a legitimate claim to just cause, no if's, no but's, no whataboutism

In all of its dozens and dozens, of wars (the sheer number is itself indicative of rogue and criminal conduct), the United States never had a UN Security Council mandate, for not one of aforementioned wars
Claims of self-defense - as in attacking Afganistan in 2001 after 9/11, and occupying that country for 20 years, with NATO accomplices, was flagrantly baseless, yet they carpet bombed the hell out of its villages and cities, and sent it's people to their grave
The US is - right now - illegaly occupying parts of Syria, and Iraq, while it's bombing the hell out of Yemen, massacring Syrian, Iragi and Yemeni civilians, especially children, sending also them all to their grave
Whereas the US (and it's NATO allies), also wages economic wars, by santioning the national economies of it's prey, killing thousands of innocent people, in Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, among others
The distorted and psychotic condemnation of Russia, by and in the United States, and in other NATO-countries, as all it's Western partners, have joined in on what might have looked like a feast
It is but a window into the mass brainwashing narrative, that the US and NATO, propagate through their media
This is why the UN Securty Council will never, take any action against Russia, as China stands shoulder to shoulder, to help shield it, from the attack of the US, and it's NATO-allies
Endgame is Russia, and it's President Putin, will get everything they want from this war, at their convenience, and time schedule
While the US and NATO will look like fools, again, criminal fools
Now that's sad !!!



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