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Laura Loomer has begun targeting a Jewish nonprofit that provides assistance to refugees. On the latest episode of her Rumble show, Loomer Unleashed, she claimed that HIAS is “assisting in the invasion of America”[…]
“Last week while reporting from the Darién Gap in Panama I discovered that much of the illegal immigration to our country is not simply passing through that region,” she said. “But it is being supported by a number of non-governmental organizations”

Loomer claimed that these NGOs are “operating under the guise of ‘humanitarianism'” while “actively aiding and abetting a foreign invasion of America and the replacement of our people.” She said that the “worst offender” is HIAS, a Jewish nonprofit that assists refugees

Formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, HIAS was singled out by Robert Bowers, a white supremacist who murdered 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018[…]
Loomer said that, today, HIAS focuses on “helping anyone who chooses to self-identify as a ‘refugee’ or a migrant.” She added that most of them are “Third World, military-aged men” from “such lovely countries as Venezuela, China, Afghanistan, and Somalia”

“Now, why would a Jewish organization be so concerned with assisting in the invasion of America?” she asked. “What does that have to do with Judaism? As a Jewish American myself, I totally disavow HIAS or any other organization that is actively destroying this nation by propping up illegal immigration”

She then claimed that[…]HIAS was “responsible” for “every crime committed by these invaders once they make it into our country — including human trafficking and drug smuggling. “HIAS and every company that supports them have blood on their hands”[…]
Loomer also warned that “America will continue to degrade as our founding stock is washed away by an inundation of Third World invaders”[…]our “institutions and our infrastructure” will “crumble and decay until it resembles the shitholes that these people originated from”



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