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In a tirade about the COVID-19 pandemic, Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones called for mass executions of people who developed and promoted the vaccine. Claiming that they were responsible for the deaths of 20,000,000 people, Jones demanded that Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and others be publicly hanged.

Jones complained that Dr. Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates are “still walkin’ around” after murdering “20,000,000 people.” After a rambling monologue about COVID lockdowns and mask mandates, Jones called for the metaphorical assassination of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

“But the point is you just can’t let this criminal group run around and reconstitute itself and do it again,” Jones said. “And I’m not saying citizens arrest ’em — they’d turn that into terrorism. I’m not saying go out and blast or, you know, kill the head of Pfizer, [Albert] Bourla.”

“But I’m saying politically, culturally, non-violently assassinate his name, assassinate his stock, assassinate everyone that served him, politically, non-violently with a assassination of his identity. Because he is a bad person. And then don’t worry, the criminal charges will come. And they need to come. And they must come.”

But Jones quickly dropped the metaphor, pivoting to a direct call for executions. “He must hang for what he did. Bill Gates must hang for what he did. Fauci must hang for what he did,” Jones declared.

Cynthia McKinney and Stew Peters #conspiracy #racist #psycho #crackpot angrywhitemen.org

On his eponymous Rumble show[…]Stew Peters interviewed ex-congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. McKinney told Peters that Israelis have “penetrated” the U.S. government, and that the U.S. “put Zionist Jews in control” of Ukraine after staging a “coup” in 2014[…]
“So we have been called, at this program, antisemitic for pointing out factually that 100% of our media is funded by, what appears to be, Israel’s lobby,” Peters said, claiming that “most of Biden’s cabinet” are people who “happen to call themselves Jews”[…]
McKinney told Peters that she “absolutely” sees it that way, and told him that “we’ve got a Congress, a legislative branch, of 535 individuals” who “all swear some kind of allegiance to Israel, one way or the other, because that’s the way you get campaign financed”

“So they have penetrated the executive branch, the legislative branch. They have penetrated our state and local branches of government,” she said. “And you know, Stew, if you print the money then money is not an object for you. So these people have access to unlimited amounts of money”[…]
“When Robert Kennedy said that the spike protein in the Pfizer and the Moderna shots was ethnically specific, he told the truth, because I was the one that found the study,” McKinney claimed[…]
“So it’s not all Jews that have this immunity[…]That very same spike protein that was attached to coronavirus and caused the illness, and then was made to replicate inside one’s body, probably forever, by the injections — the COVID injections

McKinney also suggested that “Black nationalists” and “white nationalists” can work together for a common cause and create an “unstoppable” union. Citing Black and white cooperation during Bacon’s Rebellion, McKinney said there has been an “orchestration of division”[…]
McKinney agreed with Peters’ repeated calls for “extreme accountability” — the phrase he uses to refer to executing his political opponents. “When you say ‘extreme accountability,’ we have to have it”

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Anna Perez devoted the Oct. 30, 2023 episode of her Wrongthink Primetime show to claiming that Christians are the “most persecuted group”[…]During the episode she also claimed that “discrimination”[…]is a “key tenet of the Bible” and that Christians have been “too tolerant”

Perez played a clip of MSNBC host and former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki talking about Speaker of the House Mike Johnson[…]
She also drew attention to anti-gay statements Johnson made and remarked that discrimination is not a “key tenet of the Bible”

“Uh, actually Jen Psaki, discrimination is a key tenet of the Bible,” Perez countered. “Jesus and — even in the Old Testament and the New Testament, by the way, this is true for all of the religions that you claim to defend, yet you have a problem uniquely with Christianity[…]God was very clear in the Old and New Testament where we stood on homosexuality”

“And I hate to break it to you, I hate to burst your bubble, but you should probably re-read it,” she said. “Spoiler alert: He was not exactly in favor of the homosexual lifestyle”

Toward the end of the show, Perez complained that the so-called “uniparty” is “more than happy to not just ignore Christian rights, Christian persecution, but rather to continue to fund it”[…]
Perez referenced the reaction to the Covenant School shooting[…]
“Yes, that is exactly what happened, because some tranny freak, some faggot freakshow, decided to shoot up a school because he/she was uncomfortable with themselves and actually believed that Christians were the problem in this country, because much like many people in the world, they’re convinced that Christians are bad”[…]
“Do not let them tell you that we are not a persecuted class in America. We are the most persecuted class, not just in America, but around the world,” Perez claimed. “Christians are treated terribly. Honestly I believe we’ve been too tolerant. … We cannot let these heathens — these heathens — come against us”

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During the Sept. 29, 2023 episode of his show Slightly Offensive, ex-BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer remarked that he longed for “pre-60s Western civilization”[…]
“See, but this is why I get offended when people say this show is full of dog whistles, because I don’t even dog whistle anymore,” Schaffer said. “I’m just like open about my views on the world because I think everyone’s cringe and sucks”

Schaffer said he was past the “Republican-Democrat argument,” and just wants to “close down our borders, deport these people, return back to normalcy, and get back to pre-60s Western civilization.” He added that, “I wanna abandon multiculturalism, abandon multiethnic society”

He also said that he wanted to “get back into a place where we have core values” and “where communism is illegal,” and “kick out all the Bolshevik communists”

Schaffer’s guest, who goes by the pseudonym “Australian Talk,” said that “they” — presumably referring to “communists” — “want us gone”[…]
“Look, one of my favorite things that I found, and I don’t wanna go too far down this road,” Schaffer said before Australian Talk interrupted to say “Blood and soil”[…]
Schaffer continued, accusing Republicans of “fight[ing] for other minorities to have a homeland”[…]
“You know, somebody had accused this show of being anti-Jewish[…]I am so pro-Israel and pro-Jewish, I just want to adopt the way Israelis treat Israel, and the way Jews treat Judaism, I want to adopt that, but for white, Western countries and Christianity,” he said

Schaffer dubbed this belief “Anglo-Christendom” or “Anglo-Christian Zionism”[…]
Schaffer praised other countries for “looking out for their own people, [and] their own racial group.” As examples he cited China which is “manipulating other countries and currencies,” and Russia which is “securing this no man’s land in Ukraine”

He also lauded Hungary for “protecting its own border” and Israel for deporting Eritrean migrants, which he called “based as fuck”

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Ken Paxton posted on X that he was “heading to Maine” to “sit down with @TuckerCarlson”[…]
“Your fans and your detractors, I think, would both acknowledge that you’re the most aggressive legal opponent of the Biden administration in the United States,” Carlson said “You’re a Republican, elected with a big margin in a Republican state, but it was Republicans who tried to take you out”[…]
As Paxton explained, “[W]e have 150 members of the Texas House and 65 of ’em are Democrats And those 65 Democrats always vote in a bloc”[…]
When Carlson asked Paxton if he believed the “Republican Speaker of the House is chosen by the Democrats,” Paxton replied “Pretty much, yeah”

“Wait, so you can have a big majority in the Texas House but still not control the Texas House?” Carlson asked “That’s exactly what has been happening over the last, say, 14 years, 16 years,” Paxton said[…]
Paxton elaborated on his conspiracy that Democrats were really responsible[…]pointing out that “two of the four House investigating lawyers” previously worked for the Department of Justice during the Biden administration[…]
He also blamed other organizations, like the Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC which, he said, worked to defeat him in the race for Attorney General and was communicating with Republican strategist Karl Rove[…]
Carlson went on to call Rove an “activist liberal working effectively for the Biden administration”[…]
Paxton and Carlson also complained about the number of undocumented immigrants who’ve crossed the border and entered Texas, criticizing Texas Sen John Cornyn for failing to speak out against this “invasion”[…]
Carlson also griped about Cornyn’s support for Ukraine in its effort to repel the Russian invasion, telling Paxton that if you “compare the amount of time[…]spent talking about the invasion of his own state by the rest of the world with the time he’s spent talking about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, he’s far more concerned about what’s happening in Ukraine”

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On Aug. 24, 2023, former president Donald Trump was booked at an Atlanta jail on felony charges[…]After his mugshot was released online[…]Nick Fuentes declared the photo was a “symbol” to “rally behind” like the swastika or hammer and sickle

“And so this is just like — and I think everyone already recognizes [it], I’m not the first person to say this — but this has become now an icon and a symbol of this moment,” he said on his America First show. “I think people are rallying around this. And it would be stupid for him not to monetize it”[…]
“I don’t think it’s necessarily a given. The Georgia — the Fulton County courthouse has given him the symbol,” Fuentes continued. “This is like giving him a swastika. He didn’t have a swastika. He didn’t have a hammer and sickle. He didn’t have a — whatever. Whatever the great symbol — he didn’t have a bloody shirt or a flag, really, to rally behind”[…]
Fuentes called the mugshot a “symbol of defiance against the system.” He added that, “This is what the election is about. In a way it’s about that picture. Because the picture summarizes all the events of the last eight years, and the eight years are a culmination of 30 years or even longer of what’s been going on — which is that this country is being killed by its leadership”

He said Trump’s mugshot depicts the “face of America” which is “being punished” and “chopped up”

“Meanwhile, as we all know, the country is in decline,” he complained. “Meanwhile, what is celebrated is vulgarity and indecency and crime and obese people and transsexual people. They tear down the statues of the heroes and they change the holidays, and they uplift criminals. We worship thugs. Worship deranged freaks”

Colonel Douglas Macgregor and Tucker Carlson #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #transphobia angrywhitemen.org

[Douglas] Macgregor is also a Putin apologist who claimed that Russia “really didn’t start” the war in Ukraine

Carlson played a clip of Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a transgender former journalist[…]spokesperson for Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces. In the clip, Ashton-Cirillo called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “vampire” who “bathes in the blood of innocent children”

Carlson mocked Ashton-Cirillo as a “guy with fake breasts”[…]Macgregor said that the “people bathing in blood are in Kiev and Washington, not in Moscow”

Macgregor told Carlson that “We’re going to see this whole thing collapse and implode. It’s coming.” Carlson asked if NATO would collapse as well, to which Macgregor replied “I would think so” because Germany is “well into a recession” and “deindustrialized itself by casting its lot with the anti-Russian crowd”

Macgregor also stated that today’s Russian military is nothing like the Soviet Army, which he called “an exercise in barbarism, and savagery, [and] mass rape”

“That’s not Russia today,” he claimed. “Russia today is a very different society, [a] very different state. And that’s been Putin’s effort from day one. He’s been interested in restoring Russia as an Orthodox Christian state with a true national identity and a strong national culture”

“That’s probably another reason why so many people want to destroy Russia,” he continued. “Because it’s the last European state that has not been flooded with foreigners and turned into some sort of polyglot experiment”

Macgregor said this “experiment” is “failing badly” because “when things fall apart economically” it becomes difficult for “all of these unwanted people in Europe and, for that matter, here as well.” He added that Americans and Germans will look at immigrants and ask whey they are being “subsidized”

Carlson agreed, saying “I’m getting 1,400 bucks a month in retirement that I paid into my entire life, and you just show up from Congo and you’re getting 2,200 bucks”

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On Sept. 18, 2023, far-right pundit and conspiracy theorist Anna Perez debuted her new show, Wrongthink Primetime, on the Rumble channel of white nationalist Stew Peters. During the inaugural episode, Perez reacted to a story about food deserts and the possibility of opening city-owned grocery stores in Chicago by claiming that Black people “love fried food”

She also blamed her local grocery store’s lack of fresh produce on Black customers because, she says, they refuse to buy healthy food like fruits and vegetables

Calling food deserts a “made-up problem,” Perez told viewers that “the Left” was “trying to turn this into somewhat of a race issue.” She claimed that Black people are not “the victim” and added that she doesn’t “know a whole lot of Black people that don’t love fried food” — which she said isn’t a “thing that I’m being racist about”

Perez, who lives in Washington D.C., says she resides in a “more gentrified area,” half of which is “pretty Black.” She said that the produce at her local grocery store “absolutely sucks,” and said this was the fault of Black shoppers

“And the reason why that is is because they don’t tend to get a whole lot of shipments of produce because people don’t buy them,” she said. “Because the majority of people that they’re catering to are Black people. So why in the world would they waste money on produce — fruits and vegetables — if no one’s gonna buy it? I mean I wanna buy it, but I’m not Black”

While she admitted she was “speaking in generalities,” she went on to claim that Black people will “tell you to their face that they love fried chicken”

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During the Sept. 20, 2023 episode of his Rumble show, Nightly Offensive, ex-BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer went on a rant[…]
During the last segment of his show, Elijah Schaffer played an out-of-context clip of then-Vice President Joe Biden in order to suggest that the white supremacist “Great Replacement” conspiracy is real[…]
After playing the clip, Schaffer complained about people who “don’t think America has a culture,” and said this phenomenon was “related to white guilt.” Schaffer said that America actually does have its own culture and that it “derives from European classicalism,” adding that “White society is amazing”

“And a lot of this is just anti-whiteism,” Schaffer said. “It’s extermination of white people. And that’s what this is about: to create a more subservient class. Well, a lot of white people are at the source of a lot of the world’s problems as well, right? There’s a lot of white people, a lot of Jewish people. There’s a lot of real disgusting liberals. I think there’s demons involved too”

Schaffer went on to say that, “they’re not going to exterminate all the white people, yet — or right now” but that “what they’re doing is essentially extermination of white people.” As for who “they” are in this scenario, he noted that “people will just blame the Jews” and said, “Maybe. I don’t know. I haven’t looked into it enough”

Schaffer then went on a tangent in which he denounced women’s suffrage and the existence of HR departments

“But also ‘I don’t get the problem with women voting. Women working, what’s wrong with that?’ Uh, HR departments?” Schaffer said. “HR departments were meant to ruin strong men who pioneered great paths through bogus accusations — even some of them true. But just to get men in trouble for being men and to create useless jobs for women”

Stew Peters and E. Michael Jones #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

On the Sept. 21, 2023 episode of his Rumble show, white nationalist Stew Peters interviewed E. Michael Jones[…]
Peters went on an angry rant about the Anti-Defamation League, which he compared to the Nazis

“For some people the Holocaust is their excuse for why they deserve absolute power today,” Peters said. “Because the Holocaust happened 80 years ago, they say, they get to create today’s Nazism, dressed up with words like ‘social justice,’ or ‘medical safety,’ or ‘the climate’

As he spoke, a graphic depicting President Biden and ADL Director Jonathan Greenblatt and the caption “Jewish Supremacy” appeared[…]
Peters said that, like the Nazis, the ADL “demand[s] mass censorship,” “engage[s] in blanket vilification of their enemies,” and “defend[s], and demand[s], mass street violence under the banner of BLM.” He added that the ADL “hit on this brilliant twist to keep their extortion racket going” which is to “claim to be anti-fascist” while “behav[ing] as much like fascists as they want”

After complaining that he was labeled antisemitic for blaming Jews for the sinking of the Titanic, Peters asked E. Michael Jones why accusations of antisemitism “have the power to shut down an argument”

Jones replied that “The answer to that is the Holocaust narrative. The Holocaust created Jewish privilege. It basically put a Jew like [Attorney General Merrick] Garland, who is supposed to enforce the law, it puts them above the law.” He also claimed that survivors of Auschwitz who were tattooed by the Nazis used those tattoos to put themselves “above the law”[…]
Peters told Jones to “Speak to the influence that the Jews have in our media here today”

In response, Jones gave a rambling answer about Jewish media control that he linked to the end of the Hays Code[…]
“The movie that broke the Production Code, which meant that the Jews did not have total monopoly over what came out of Hollywood, was The Pawnbroker. And The Pawnbroker was a Holocaust porn film”

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During an appearance on The Eric Metaxas Show, Terry Schilling[…]defended Christopher Columbus. Schilling downplayed Columbus’ crimes, called Indigenous people an “evil, barbaric group of people,” said that Christians “have no business criticizing” Columbus, and that the Americas “needed to be conquered”

“In our lifetimes Columbus has been put forward as a raper of the Indigenous populations, which is mostly nonsense”[…]“What are we to make of this? This attack on Columbus? I mean I don’t know what to say about it anymore”

Schilling called attacks on Columbus “preposterous” and motivated by Marxist ideology. “Once you realize that the common denominator amongst all the attacks on everything that Americans love and know — the common denominator is Marxism and a hatred of anything that upholds truth or glory or beauty or God”[…]
Schilling admitted without going into detail that Columbus “did some bad things” but said that “Columbus contributed more in his life than any of the people that are criticizing him by like a hundred billion times”[…]
“The worst things that they’ve accused Columbus of, if you compare that — what he’s been accused of, not even what he’s been convicted of — to what the Indigenous people were doing here in the Americas, it’s not even close!” he insisted. “Right? The Indigenous people were a barbaric, evil group of people, right?”[…]
“He was not trying to enrich himself. He was obsessed — so when he was doing everything that he did, when he sailed the ocean blue in 1492, everyone was concerned that Christ was coming back, that God was coming back for the second time, and they wanted to reclaim the Holy Lands”[…]
“And what Columbus was obsessed with was establishing new trade routes that could be used to fund the new Crusades and take back the Holy Land so that Christians controlled it when God came back. He was not trying to enrich himself. He was trying to do yeoman’s work. So if you’re a Christian, you have no business criticizing him”

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On the Oct. 11, 2023 episode of his Rumble show Slightly Offensive, Elijah Schaffer hosted Keith Woods[…]for a debate on Israel’s war against Hamas[…]
Peterson, a libertarian Internet personality, framed the war between Israel and Hamas[…]as a “clash of civilizations” between “savage” and inferior Palestinians and superior Israelis[…]
“I sort of pull from Ayn Rand on this one who sees this from the clash of civilizations perspective,” he explained. “She sees this from the clash of civilizations perspective. She sees the Israelis as the advanced technological civilization and she described the Palestinians as barbaric [savages]”[…]“The Catholics came in and they settled Mexico and South America and they said there would be no more human sacrifices, for example,” he said. “I mean, how long must a civilized nation tolerate barbarity at its gates? … I very much see this as analogous to American expansionism and the fighting between American pioneers [and] savage Indian tribes at that time”[…]
Woods, in turn, argued that according to Peterson’s “might is right” philosophy Hamas’ attack on Israel was entirely justified. Peterson replied that there was “no moral equivalence” between Hamas and Israel because Israeli soldiers in Palestinian territory “don’t go to the music festivals and capture their women and spit on their corpses and parade them through the streets”

Peterson also compared Palestinians to “the Black residents in the South Side of Chicago who cry all day about how the terrible white man is oppressing them on a single day” and said he doesn’t “give special victimhood status” to them[…]
Woods also denied that Hamas’ attack on the Supernova music festival[…]“As far as the moral equivalence, again there’s no indication that the descent on the rave turned into some kind of mass slaughter. The latest footage to come out is Israeli police officers were at the rave firing at Hamas soldiers, and civilians were there in cover with the Israeli police”

Angelo John Gage #fundie #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

On his eponymous Rumble show, Stew Peters reacted to the ongoing conflict between Israeli forces and Gaza by speaking to fellow white nationalist conspiracy theorist Angelo John Gage. Gage, who was banned from Twitter (now X) in 2021 and resurfaced as “Lucas Gage,” used his appearance to blame Jews for the murder of Jesus[…]
On the Oct. 9, 2023 episode of The Stew Peters Show, Peters railed against Christian support for Israel. Gage, in turn, called Christianity a “really strong bulwark against Jewish supremacy” but said it had been “usurped”[…]
“In the 1960s the Vatican II was passed, some kind of reform which they allowed the Jewish people to get away with deicide — killing Christ, the God, the Savior of the Christian people,” Gage told Peters. “And they no longer blame them for that. They opened up the Church to every interpretation and things like this”

Peters asked Gage what Jesus meant “when He was talking about Israel.” Gage replied that, according to the Christian faith, “the real Israel are now the Christians.” And he attacked Christian Zionists as “Zio-cucks”[…]
Stew Peters interrupted to ask what the term “Judeo-Christian” means. Gage called it an “oxymoron” and alleged that if “the Jewish supremacists were to control the whole world, like they want,” they would “establish the Sanhedrin again” and Christians would be killed as “idol worshippers”

He alleged that Christians don’t realize this because of the “Zionist media” and “Zionist megachurches”

At one point Peters falsely claimed that “you have to swear an allegiance to Israel before you get sworn in as a Congressperson in this country” and asked where that “influence come from.” Gage said that the “influence comes from the Zionist lobby” which includes “hundreds of Jewish NGOs” and the World Jewish Congress

“‘There’s no Jewish conspiracy, global [Jewish] conspiracy’ — then what the hell is the World Jewish Congress?” he asked

Ron Peri #racist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger angrywhitemen.org

Ron Peri, who was appointed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to an oversight board for Disney’s special tax district, once warned that Europe is “collapsing” and “becoming Muslim through the depopulation of Europeans.” Peri made the comments in a Sept. 2021 video uploaded to the YouTube channel of his ministry, The Gathering USA[…]
In the video, titled “The Longevity Lifestyle of the Jews,” Peri told listeners that “Nations die. Not from overpopulation but from depopulation.” After referencing the fall of the Roman Empire, Peri added that, “Europe is collapsing. It is becoming Muslim through the depopulation of Europeans”

Peri read off statistics about “Islamic birthrates” in countries such as Afghanistan and Somalia, which he contrasted with birthrates of European countries. He added, “Do you know that there are, today, more Muslims in France than there are Catholics? Everything is changing in Europe”[…]
Peri then said that in the U.S. “we’re starting to see the same issue,” and that “the American birthrate” was 2.1 in 2019 while the Canadian birthrate was 1.5

According to Peri, he took these statistics from America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It by Mark Steyn[…]
Citing data which showed a decline in births between Dec. 2019 and Dec. 2020, Peri proclaimed that “the United States is facing a demographic collapse.” Peri appeared to partially attribute the decline to the COVID-19 vaccine, stating that “Many believe that the vaccine is indeed having a very negative effect on fertility rates and fertility rates going forward”


Roosh V #racist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

Recently, Roosh Valizadeh — a former pick-up artist and purveyor of rapey literature turned religious zealot — railed against what he called “cultural rot” in an episode of his Roosh Hour podcast. Valizadeh took aim at, among other things, Bratz dolls, which he suggested were a Jewish plot to “groom” young girls.

“How ’bout the toys?” Valizadeh asked. “The toys that they’re giving girls, maybe the toys is [sic] gonna be — have some value to it.” He showed a photo of Bratz dolls and added, “And by value I mean teaching your young daughters how to become prostitutes.”

He complained about the clothing on a pair of Bratz dolls, pointing out that he could see the “G-string” on one of them. He then pulled up another photo of the same dolls — this time the doll on the left had lipstick on its face. Valizadeh said this was evidence that the dolls are a “lesbianic [sic] couple.”

“I mean these are the kind of dolls you would buy to groom a young child in order to sexually abuse them,” he claimed. “That’s it. You would teach ‘Hey, look, this is the doll, this is how you dress. Oh, you’re dressing like that.’ I mean, this is what I think. This is a grooming tool.”

Then Valizadeh put an antisemitic twist on his rant, pulling up a photo of MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian.

Larian is an Iranian-born Jew whose company produces the Bratz product line. Valizadeh commented that “his face reminds me of something,” and pointed to Larian’s “engorged” nose, “juicy, thick lips,” and “thin and snake-like” eyes.

“We can’t see him below the chest but I would imagine his hands are clasped together — rubbing,” he said. This is a nod to the antisemitic “Happy Merchant” meme which depicts “a drawing of a Jewish man with heavily stereotyped facial features who is greedily rubbing his hands together.”

Yesterday on Twitter, Valizadeh announced that his YouTube account had been banned, claiming it was this episode that violated YouTube’s guidelines. Prior to his ban Valizadeh tweeted “People don’t like Jews because of their behavior” and “109” — a reference to the expulsion of Jews from 109 nations.

Christopher Cantwell #fundie angrywhitemen.org

Yeah there’s something wrong with you if you’re votin’ for a woman for President. Lemmie just get that out of the way. I understand that Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily bad woman, and we don’t have to make it about her gender, to say that she’s a terrible woman. But I would, frankly. Like if Donald Trump was a female, I’d be like, okay, you have to boycott the election. I don’t want a fuckin’ woman President. And if you are not a testosterone-deficient faggot then you probably understand why.

Matt Heimbach #racist angrywhitemen.org

So where does this stand for us, of course, as white nationalists in the West if we understand that the DPRK is not how it is presented, is not Communist? Of course, there are problems within the DPRK. Food shortages were a huge problem in the 1990s. And, of course, that was actually brought on by the West.

I mean I hate to always come back to that, but the Western governments actually implemented sanctions where the North Korean economy that had been importing a large amount of its food — of course the Soviet Union falls, they had been importing a lot of food from [them], and the West cut them off — that they had to realign their economy agriculturally.

And that caused a huge amount of suffering. But at no point in time, much like the Japanese — as their neighbors, as their population is aging, as their population is not having as many children as they’re supposed to have — the Japanese have not opened their borders to mass migration. And that’s the argument that’s used in the West all the time.

Who is going to pay the pensions of white Europeans and white Americans if we don’t let these people from other cultures and communities come in? They need to come. They’re a youthful, vibrant culture, right? They need to come in and have children, and to be able to work and pay our pensions.

That even in the midst of famine, even in the midst of suffering — their people were starving to death and eating roots and cooking tree bark in stews and things like that — the North Koreans did not open themselves up to foreigners to come into their country, which of course then would eventually end up intermarried in with their community. I mean that’s why they had to send the workers back from Germany in the 1960s. That they would rather suffer temporarily to ensure the continued nature of their people, to continue the blood of their people.

That is something that is a natural sentiment we in the West need to be able to respect, and see the DPRK as a great model. Because we in the West have been told time after time again that we must basically commit racial suicide for creature comforts, for material comforts, to bring these people in to do the jobs we won’t. Well that’s not something they have in North Korea. The farmers and the [inaudible] and the engineers and the street cleaners and everyone has the sense of duty and honor to one another as the national community.

The idea of the eternal leader — of course Kim Il-Sung is that, and Kim Jong-Il is of course the current leader of North Korea — the idea of this parental figure that they speak of, if you look of course, you know, Adolf Hitler or other nationalist leaders who were National Socialists, talked about the leader being the embodiment of the people. Being the voice of the people. And this goes back, you know to Russia. The Czars were called the father of the nation. That’s something that we’ve had in European culture for a really long time. That the leader is the embodiment of the nation. And the nation sees itself in the leader, and the leader cares for the people as if they are their own children.

And this is a true nationalist sentiment. That is something that we, you know, the West, is never told. That that’s what North Korea is doing. That their entire ideology is based upon ethnic culture and community.

David Duke & Jay Hess #racist angrywhitemen.org

On the September 7, 2016 episode of his radio show, David Duke and co-host Jay Hess hyped black-on-white crimes and accused Hillary Clinton of being an architect of “white genocide.” As Hess put it, Clinton “represents the forces of white genocide” and is “definitely a traitor to her people” who doesn’t care if white people are “outbred.”

Duke chimed in, adding that Clinton “has to know” that “this massive immigration is going to destroy the foundations of this country.” It will even be “destructive of our children” since it will render society “lawless” and “brutal.”

With that, Duke segued into the argument that white people are being targeted for non-white violence. He insisted that there are “hundreds of thousands of white victims of massive non-white crime.” He went on to say that

"When a person goes to the store, they go to the mall, or they drive somewhere in their car and they break down, or they stop at a traffic light and they might get hijacked, nine times out of ten it’s not gonna be some white guy hijacking their car. It’s not gonna be a white guy kidnapping them at the Walmart, right? And, you know, taking their family and slaughtering them, or robbing them or raping the women. That’s just the reality of life in this country."

Hess then stated that he feels “so bad for the future of this country because if things continue to go the way they are, there will not be an America, as we know it, existing in another twenty years.”

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Russia’s not, by the way, Communist. Those who don’t understand that anymore, the media tries to portray them still as our enemy. They’re not our enemy. They should be our friend. They’re actually more free and more consistent with traditional American values than we are.

We used to call ourselves in this country — even though we always argued, and we believed in freedom of religion, and freedom of thought and those things — we’ve always called ourselves a Christian nation.

Our leaders from the time of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and other leaders all throughout American history called ourselves a Christian nation.They don’t call us a Christian nation anymore.

But guess what? Russia — the former Communist state — formally calls itself a Christian nation. It is a Christian nation in Russia today. And Putin recognizes that and preserves that.

They also believe in the sanctity of the family. They believe in absolutely advancing the interests of their people. They were on the right side of this war in Syria. They were supporting the government of Syria against the ISIS murderers, and beheaders, and rapists, and savages of ISIS and al-Nusra, while our government literally has been supporting the jihadists.