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Christopher Cantwell #fundie angrywhitemen.org

Yeah there’s something wrong with you if you’re votin’ for a woman for President. Lemmie just get that out of the way. I understand that Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily bad woman, and we don’t have to make it about her gender, to say that she’s a terrible woman. But I would, frankly. Like if Donald Trump was a female, I’d be like, okay, you have to boycott the election. I don’t want a fuckin’ woman President. And if you are not a testosterone-deficient faggot then you probably understand why.

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Matt Heimbach #racist angrywhitemen.org

So where does this stand for us, of course, as white nationalists in the West if we understand that the DPRK is not how it is presented, is not Communist? Of course, there are problems within the DPRK. Food shortages were a huge problem in the 1990s. And, of course, that was actually brought on by the West.

I mean I hate to always come back to that, but the Western governments actually implemented sanctions where the North Korean economy that had been importing a large amount of its food — of course the Soviet Union falls, they had been importing a lot of food from [them], and the West cut them off — that they had to realign their economy agriculturally.

And that caused a huge amount of suffering. But at no point in time, much like the Japanese — as their neighbors, as their population is aging, as their population is not having as many children as they’re supposed to have — the Japanese have not opened their borders to mass migration. And that’s the argument that’s used in the West all the time.

Who is going to pay the pensions of white Europeans and white Americans if we don’t let these people from other cultures and communities come in? They need to come. They’re a youthful, vibrant culture, right? They need to come in and have children, and to be able to work and pay our pensions.

That even in the midst of famine, even in the midst of suffering — their people were starving to death and eating roots and cooking tree bark in stews and things like that — the North Koreans did not open themselves up to foreigners to come into their country, which of course then would eventually end up intermarried in with their community. I mean that’s why they had to send the workers back from Germany in the 1960s. That they would rather suffer temporarily to ensure the continued nature of their people, to continue the blood of their people.

That is something that is a natural sentiment we in the West need to be able to respect, and see the DPRK as a great model. Because we in the West have been told time after time again that we must basically commit racial suicide for creature comforts, for material comforts, to bring these people in to do the jobs we won’t. Well that’s not something they have in North Korea. The farmers and the [inaudible] and the engineers and the street cleaners and everyone has the sense of duty and honor to one another as the national community.

The idea of the eternal leader — of course Kim Il-Sung is that, and Kim Jong-Il is of course the current leader of North Korea — the idea of this parental figure that they speak of, if you look of course, you know, Adolf Hitler or other nationalist leaders who were National Socialists, talked about the leader being the embodiment of the people. Being the voice of the people. And this goes back, you know to Russia. The Czars were called the father of the nation. That’s something that we’ve had in European culture for a really long time. That the leader is the embodiment of the nation. And the nation sees itself in the leader, and the leader cares for the people as if they are their own children.

And this is a true nationalist sentiment. That is something that we, you know, the West, is never told. That that’s what North Korea is doing. That their entire ideology is based upon ethnic culture and community.

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David Duke #fundie angrywhitemen.org

Russia’s not, by the way, Communist. Those who don’t understand that anymore, the media tries to portray them still as our enemy. They’re not our enemy. They should be our friend. They’re actually more free and more consistent with traditional American values than we are.

We used to call ourselves in this country — even though we always argued, and we believed in freedom of religion, and freedom of thought and those things — we’ve always called ourselves a Christian nation.

Our leaders from the time of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and other leaders all throughout American history called ourselves a Christian nation.They don’t call us a Christian nation anymore.

But guess what? Russia — the former Communist state — formally calls itself a Christian nation. It is a Christian nation in Russia today. And Putin recognizes that and preserves that.

They also believe in the sanctity of the family. They believe in absolutely advancing the interests of their people. They were on the right side of this war in Syria. They were supporting the government of Syria against the ISIS murderers, and beheaders, and rapists, and savages of ISIS and al-Nusra, while our government literally has been supporting the jihadists.

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David Duke & Jay Hess #racist angrywhitemen.org

On the September 7, 2016 episode of his radio show, David Duke and co-host Jay Hess hyped black-on-white crimes and accused Hillary Clinton of being an architect of “white genocide.” As Hess put it, Clinton “represents the forces of white genocide” and is “definitely a traitor to her people” who doesn’t care if white people are “outbred.”

Duke chimed in, adding that Clinton “has to know” that “this massive immigration is going to destroy the foundations of this country.” It will even be “destructive of our children” since it will render society “lawless” and “brutal.”

With that, Duke segued into the argument that white people are being targeted for non-white violence. He insisted that there are “hundreds of thousands of white victims of massive non-white crime.” He went on to say that

"When a person goes to the store, they go to the mall, or they drive somewhere in their car and they break down, or they stop at a traffic light and they might get hijacked, nine times out of ten it’s not gonna be some white guy hijacking their car. It’s not gonna be a white guy kidnapping them at the Walmart, right? And, you know, taking their family and slaughtering them, or robbing them or raping the women. That’s just the reality of life in this country."

Hess then stated that he feels “so bad for the future of this country because if things continue to go the way they are, there will not be an America, as we know it, existing in another twenty years.”