Congressman Paul Gosar & Various commenters #wingnut

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
For the seventeenth straight month, more than 150,000 illegal aliens crossed the southern border including 200,000 illegal aliens in July 2022. The Biden Regime has facilitated an invasion of our sovereign borders of more than 4.2 million illegal aliens since January 2021.

America needs an immigration moratorium.

@DrPaulGosar stop ALL immigration for 10 years. NO AMNESTY!
— Return ALL illegal border crossers to countries of origin with a lifetime ban against entering U.S. again for ANY reason.

@DrPaulGosar repeal Hart - Celler

@DrPaulGosar We need to deport millions of criminal invaders.

@DrPaulGosar America needs an immigration moratorium AND a mass deportation of ALL illegals.

@DrPaulGosar #DeportThemAll and their anchor babies.

You spelled moratorium wrong. It's D. E. P. O. R. T. A. T. I. O. N. America knows what we need - politicians DgaD.

@DrPaulGosar Round up every one of the Illegals plus DACA and Deport them all .



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