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(La_Terfa )
Fuck moids, they can solve their own little pathetic problems. They could do it very easily, in fact, since most of their problems are their own creation. Women's issues are a thousand times worse, and they're not our fault, they're all of the abuse we suffer from others due to our biology and bodies.

And in the case of TIFs harassing gay dudes, well, gay men already tell them to fuck off with no repercussions, because society respects men's dignity.

And no, I don't "support" men in anything except being quiet.

( crodish )
I'm fine with men's spaces being "invaded" by females because 1) maybe then they'll finally fucking understand why it's a big deal to us 2) TIFs are going to pose VERY little threat to them regardless of the fact 3) men need to start being more responsible for their class as a whole.

Women are already fighting against men in female spaces, women who argue that men SHOULD be in our spaces (fuck you Emma Watson), and we're probably going to be asked and blamed for women in men's spaces, too. Women's fault for everything while the men just pile on, rules of misogyny, etc. Tired of it.

I know there are some men fighting back already, both straight (Chris Billboard comes to mind, as do a bunch of conservative politicians and comedians) and gay (MrMenno is my favorite, and most of the others who are normally allies with "GC" TIMs on twitter), and that includes the few men on here as well, but there needs to be more. MORE.

At the same time I am concerned that most of the men I see standing up against gender ideology are the same men who believe homosexuality is sinful and that women should go back to the kitchen and that abortion is murder. Sigh. Fuck this earth

( homosuperior )
I almost agree, except for two reasons: I have an autistic brother who cried when he saw two men pretending to be women the other day, and was confused why they were “lying”. If he was in a men’s bathroom and a girl walked in pretending to be a man, I know him, he’d refuse to use a bathroom in public again. And secondly, I’m worried of the safety of young TIFs. I identified as a TIF, but I never used men’s facilities (never medically transitioned either), because I’ve been sexually assaulted by a man in a bathroom. [...]



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