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Anti Kathleen Kennedy Stamp

So I didn't see ANY stamps at all expressing hate towards Kathleen Kennedy...I decided to go and change that up a bit.

Now I'm not one of those people who wishes her bodily harm or want her to die or anything like that...but I wouldn't shed any tears if it did. XD

Whose Kathleen Kennedy you ask? Oh just the woman whose putting Star Wars into a deep, dark grave and is probably gonna be known as the woman who Killed Star Wars.

I could Rant on and on about this poor excuse for a human being but I ain't gonna bother, you can find PLENTY of hate on her on the internet. I just merely am providing the stamp for those who hate her.

Now I don't Hate the new Star Wars films, I ain't gonna watch em but I ain't gonna hate em completely, do they have problems...TONS! So much Waster Potential but it's Wasted on selling a Political Agenda that NO ONE CARES ABOUT!

I mean seriously, Star Wars or any sci-fi or fictional genre Should NOT Be USED to Sell a Fucking Agenda! You Ruin Everything about the franchise when ya do.

I Fear it's only going to spread and ruin everything except Anime. XD Let's face it, Anime is the one place that no SJW would dare to tread...at least I hope not.

Now I have hope that the return of Star Wars The Clone Wars will go over well but....I have my doubts and I ain't getting my hopes up that it'll be good.

Some folks will probably say that the new Star Wars films aren't that bad and that they are actually great and to that I have This to say.

You have a Lot to Learn. What do you have to Learn? It's not something that can really be Taught. It's just something you have to learn on yer own.

Good news is, well semi good news is that I heard that Disney may be cancelling Star Wars Episode 9 due to the severe backlash from Fans of Star Wars and hopefully they fire Kathleen Kennedy.

Funny enough, Kathleen has the Gull to Blame the Fans for Star Wars Sucking...Lady, YOU DIRECTED THE LAST TWO FILMS! IF ANYONE'S TO BLAME IT'S YOUR SJW ASS YA FUCKING CUNT!!!

Ahem...Pardon me, I lost my cool there for a second. XD



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