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I cannot for the life of me understand how average working class people think they're being accurately represented by people who have grown up privileged and have millions of dollars to their name.

Democrats in 2019: How can you hillbillies relate to Trump? You’re from two different worlds

Democrats in 2020-21: Wowza she looks just like me 😍

I don't get it. I'm a white dude, yet somehow I don't feel represented by Trump or Biden... even though they are both white dudes!! How could this be??

This is because of Obama's campaign. The storyline about him being MUH FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT is getting copy/pasted on all other political figures. Look there, it's the first female CIA director! And look over there! The first transracial Senator! WAOW!

These things were meant to be interesting sidenotes, not the defacto guidebook for the left on who to vote for. There are probably a bunch of uneducated redneck hillbillies who vote with more purpose than these wokies. It's crazy what is happening to the left

Truly a historic day when the daughter of two Berkeley PhDs can rise to prominence by sleeping with a popular politician, be elected California’s D.A. after the guy goes on to become mayor of San Francisco, get the Party nomination for Senate by virtue of her skin color, get nominated VP four years later also by virtue of her skin color, and then win election against the most unpopular president in American history. It no doubt shows impoverished black children all across the country that they too can pull themselves up by their bootstraps by having highly successful parents and advancing their careers through relationship nepotism.



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