Grothendieck #sexist

[Blackpill] All the negative memes about male sexuality (men only care about looks etc etc) is literally just women projecting their own behavior onto men

Women just accuse men of everything horrible they do and because of the female halo effect no one questions them on it. Even though the data is clear.

An example is how women claim to not be racist and vilify the "alt right" for its racism, but scientifically they are far more racist than men in every dating study done. Another example is how they claim to find male power disgusting and rape horrifying yet they are the greatest consumers of rape porn on the Internet. Or another example is how they claim every man who is "nice" is really an awful guy who's trying to manipulate them into sex to excuse the fact that they're banging degenerates instead and "niceness" has never been shown to help men in relationships (while it does help women to be nice).

They attack anything they know they should not embody but do. They are masters of hypocrisy and projection. It is their fundamental cope for their most revolting tendencies. Even they know how disgusting these tendencies are which is why they can't be honest about it.

Thankfully we have science which can tell us the truth where liars(aka bluepillers) won't.



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