Chuck Lowe #wingnut #crackpot

Cancel culture at it's worst. Erase history and pretend the world started 15 minutes ago.

The BLM/Jacobin/AntiFa scum that de facto rule the streets believe that not only does the current Rule Of Law not apply to them, but, that only THEY should effect their own, new, woke, soup de jour extemporaneously interpreted Rule Of Law on any and all.

The intellectual basis for this nonsense is apparent to anyone with even a cursory knowledge of history, recent and current events and as the citizens chaff under these new powers, they also coalesce and gather strength for what many consider what might come. Bloody constraint.

Be advised morons, that your Facebook posts, your politics, your comments, your actions will be under revue in the future, when, after there is no more Rule Of Law and ironically, the rules you dumbfucks have insisted upon become the rule of the land, you will be held to account in exactly the impromptu Star Chamber Courts you now support.

Like Robespierre, you will fall under the blade, no mercy, no quarter and as your head rolls away in the dirt, you will wish for the good old days when the Constitution, enacted and produced by those evil white men, was still in effect.

Hear the thunder?



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